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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!



So I never realized that the Weapon X means Weapon 10 thing had been floating around Marvel long before Grant Morrison. Here Liefeld has some of his original design sketches from 1991 where he intended Deadpool to be Weapon 9, the fuckup before Wolverine. If you go to the comments, he addresses it as well.


Nonsense! Grant Morrison came up with every idea ever first.


I was going to say Deadpool being Weapon IX, and thus a failed Wolverine prototype, made more sense than what we got, but it doesn’t actually, because it presumes that the Weapon X programme gave Wolverine his healing factor, which I’m fairly sure had been established as not being the case by 1991.


No, only the successful ones.


Yeah it had.


Well, one could assume that maybe Deadpool wasn’t originally intended to have a healing factor.


Could also be they were trying to duplicate Wolverine’s healing factor before eventually being forced to forcibly capturing him to get the real thing. That was all prelim and stuff that might have been left on the editing room floor at the time.


Y’all finally dragged me back in, dammit! Originally Logan had the healing factor and was a 5’ 4" bundle of mean in a blue-and-yellow Spandex suit. Along comes Quesada and gives him a brother, a surname and a shaky, shaky “origin story”. (I quite like Joe, and would party with him, but this was not one of his more stellar ideas, IMNSHO.)

I like the basic story. Mutant with healing power gets bones and claws of adamantium, turns out to not be so happy about it. Finds a place he is tolerated with the X-Men after the unrequited love of Alpha Flight.

Really, that’s quite enough. The devil is in the details, so, the more details, the more devils.


Hasn’t that whole “Origin/James Howlett” thing been retconed? I was under that impression… I mean, everyone ignores it, so just as well… =/


That can’t be real. It has feet.


Worf-style on… We do not speak of it.



I was kind of up for that until I saw the creative team.

Written by Rosenberg.

The issue will be illustrated by a number of artists, including Giuseppe Camuncoli, Luke Ross and Kerry Gammill, and feature a cover from Walt Simonson, who had a long run as artist on the original series. Star Wars No. 108 will be released May 29.


Um… what?


This is what happens when you keep digging after you hit the bottom.


F#*k it
I’m all in on this.


Can’t help but wonder if it’s really wise to have a licensed character interact with characters the company owns. This is why Rom doesn’t appear in reprints.


Geez, JR! That’s long term thinking about the FUTURE!!!

Marvel ain’t got time for that BULLSHIT!


Does this mean Disney owns Conan now? Can they make a Conan movie for their new streaming service starting Arnie for example?