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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


No, I am Groot!


WE are Groot.


Groot I am?


Still my GOTG:


Still my GOTG:



He originally did. Then he got destroyed and grew back “wrong”… it was supposed to be a gag, but it caught on. Recently he got “fixed” by the Gardener though, so now he’s back to talking.


I’d rather they brought back the 616 Phyla-Vell, but okay.

Is the 616 Moondragon still alive? Has she been in anything in the last few years?



It’s a solid bring back from the dead story. My only complaint is Scott should be calling Cable Nate or Nathan as he’s not too many years past leaving him as Slym in the future where he grew up.

Young Cable shouldn’t even be Cable yet. He’s older when he becomes the ”Traveler ” which was originally his first time travel stories.

Yeah yeah timely wimy but it should be Dad and Nate. Unless it’s Young Stryfe the whole time which is possible due to the lack of reveal of his TO virus.


Oooo. A video made just for @Jim. :wink:


That’s not @Will’s porn video.


I don’t get it - it appears none of the Guardians are in this book. That’s fraud!



Yes, that’s what I thought!



Didn’t need to look at the image. The answer is of course Chuck Austen.


Say what you will about Joe Casey’s X-men, it wasn’t boring.



I just my buy this to support the sales by a “minority” writer. Just saying


I just sent that to my wife and she immediately tweeted James and Chris Jackson (a mutual friend to both).

It’s odd that they identify him with Hamilton and not Aladdin. He’s much more well known for the role of the genie which he originated the Broadway performance of.

Edit: Looks like they both replied to her.