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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Telescopic claws.

Where’s my no-prize?


The heat melts them down until they’re short enough.


Jet fuel can’t melt adamantium claws!


It can when multiplied by the sudden impact of them retracting into his forearms. It’s physics 101.


That’s exactly what they want you to “think”


Maybe he just gets into some cold water beforehand.


That’s just one of the MANY questions I have about this image.


Some of the best Leifeld art I’ve seen in years, the more I see and read about this the more I’m intrigued to pick it up.


I’m super pumped for this series. Just wish Liefeld was doing every issue or they were at least bringing an all Image/Extreme crew.



Oh, no, an Avenger will die?!

For how many months?


I think we need to measure this in pages. Like when Jean Grey died in Uncanny X-Men 281 and was back alive within 20 pages.


You realize that Major X will turn out to be Shatterstar in disguise and at the end of the miniseries he will fall into the blades of a helicopter and die a gruesome death.


I’ll still love it.


I joked about the missing thumb up thread but I really have no problem with Liefeld (loved him as a kid), and I think it’s cool he’s introducing a new character.

That said, I find it amusing that the character name is so similar to “Agent X” and “Soldier X,” the temporary titles for Deadpool’s and Cable’s books (which were allegedly used to avoid paying rayalties to Liefeld).

It’s as if this guy’s name is supposed to be Flack Jacket but Marvel is already messing with him.


Commander X was the original name that was going to be used for Cable. So Liefeld has history with these type systems.


The new roster of the GOTG:


Eh… I would’ve prefered Starfox and Darkhawk from the teaser image, but I reckon the 2 females were a must and they’re pushing CGR like crazy at this point. But anyways, the real problem here is the lack of Rocket and Cosmo. Hopefully that’ll get sorted out sooner rather than later.


Great Galaxy! What happened to Beta Ray Bill? He looks like he’s been horribly ill!

And I heard Groot speaks English now. WTF is up with that?


I am Groot.