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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I think that was before Smith started slipping on deadlines and Image United hadn’t started. That’s a team that you let them finish and then solicit anyway.


Yeah, his legacy is secured but I wish he’d do another run, even 12 issues. In a way it’s frustrating that someone so gifted gave us so little.


Given the talk about McFarlane and Liefeld recently, I’m curious how everyone ranks the Image founders, in terms of interest in their doing a Marvel or DC run? For me, I’d go…



Valentino had a really fun run on Guardians of the Galaxy in the 90s. Due to the nature of the title, he was able to really cut loose and do pretty much what he wanted. I wouldn’t mind seeing him doing something for Marvel where he could do something not beholden to continuity


Loved Valentino’s run on GOTG.


Didn’t Silvestri do the last arc of Morrison’s X-Men?

It is weird that Silvestri and Portacio never really needed to do anything again. That early Image money was crazy.


As I understood it, Valentino used his Image to buy some McDonalds franchises or something like that to create a constant source of income.



That’s all.



When he retracts them he cooks on the inside? :confused:


Naw, it’s the high cost of oven mitts.


I just interviewed Michel Fiffe this afternoon for an upcoming episode of my G.I. Joe podcast and I had no idea before this morning that he wrote a bunch of Ultimates comics. Are they any good and worth checking out?


I didn’t read them, but it was when the Ultimate Universe was on life support; just before Secret Wars. Make of that what you will.


Hot claws sounds like a really weird euphemism.


@Jim likes it when Will “hot claws” him.


Yeah, personally, I’ve been a fan of Captain Marvel comics from back when Starlin was writing and Broderick was one of my favorite artists. I think the original Mar Vell work with Lee and Colan are some of the best comics from that time. It’s essentially THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL meets SUPERMAN.

I didn’t really get into the Carol Danvers character until the great X-men Annual that introduced Rogue when she stole her powers (with great art from Michael Golden) and then later when she became Binary (I wonder if that will figure into the movie somehow?). So, again, we have Claremont to thank for making the character as interesting as she was in the 80’s when separated from the Captain Marvel or Ms Marvel moniker.

Her appearance in ALIAS was what reignited my interest in the character, but once she left the Ms Marvel persona and put back on the uniform and rank of Captain, I haven’t really felt any interest. She seems more blandly super heroic than a living character with a vast history of bad decisions behind her.


Yeah it lwas. I can’t remember if the reception was good or bad because I don’t think anyone much was reading at that point.

All-New Ultimates

Following the conclusion of the miniseries Cataclysm and under the Ultimate Marvel NOW! banner, coinciding with the Marvel Universe All-New Marvel NOW! launch, writer Michel Fiffe and artist Amilcar Pinna brought together a new team including Spider-Man II, the new Black Widow (Jessica Drew) (and former Spider-Woman), Kitty Pryde, Bombshell and Cloak and Dagger.[9] The book ran for 12 issues.



Millarworld - Solicitations for April 2019


Logan’s claws here. How the hell are those supposed to retract into his forearm?