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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Cassandra Nova?


Really, Marvel has problems across their whole line. I look at their solicits in Previews and each month,it feels like it’s assembled by an ADHD sufferer on a cocaine bender. There’s no focus or consistency month to month or even within the month.

The owner of my LCS has said in various retailer forums he’s participated in with Marvel, they have no interest in what the retailers are trying to tell them. Marvel gives the impression they know more than the retailers do. Considering the retailers are literally the front line and sees what works and what doesn’t, you would think they would want that input. (@RobL, what has your experience been in dealing with Marvel?)

The owner of my LCS Said that it used to be that he consistently sold at least twice as much Marvel as he did DC. In the last few years, they sell about the same and sales are soft for both.


I wouldn’t say she’s lasted though. She’s not a regular character, just a villain that pops up from time to time. I mean Bastion still gets used every now and then too.


For what it’s worth, the only Rosenberg book I’ve read is his Multiple Man mini which I liked and from Cates I’ve read Baby teeth and Cosmic Ghost Rider both of which I enjoyed. Not read anything by Brisson.


That is lasting though, isn’t it?


What’s confounding to me at the moment is the lack of Marketing for Marvel.
Age of X-man and it’s spinoffs have been barely advertised.
Uncanny is continuing so what’s the prompt for Joe public to pick up the event books that run over the next 5 months?

I saw Zac Thompsom post this tweet out that’s pretty much all I’ve seen

Am I wrong??
The LCS has told me its dead on arrival and no one’s added it to their pull lists?
I’ll probably pick up the Alpha Issue but unless it’s bloody compelling I feel i’ll sit the whole event out.


Maybe X-23? Was she pre- or post- Morrison?


She came from NYX in 2003. Concurrent with Morrison but by Joe Queasada and Josh Middleton


So new rule? ‘If Bobby likes it, we’ll hate it’ ? :wink:


Just do the opposite of whatever I say and you’re golden!


Technically, she came from the X-Men Evolution animated series. NYX was just her comics debut.


Look at my post above about my LCS’s owner and his encounters with Marvel. The impression I get is that Marketing is running Marvel and they are operating from inside a bubble.


I agree with everything you and Chris are saying here. His layouts had energy and were dynamic and fresh. It’s not what I’m into now but we forget now traditional a lot of art was in the 80s, even by people who were great like Byrne and Simonson and Perez.

One overlooked thing about Liefeld is that he toiled around for a bit—Hawk and Dove, plus fill-in work—and when his moment came with his big break with New Mutants he took full advantage of it, worked his ass off, and basically brought them a bunch of new characters and dozens of new costume designs.

It’s a bit different how things are now when new talent ease into their company owned projects, and there is probably a lesson for everyone whether you work in comics or not.


Fantomex is probably the most prolific of them, but considering how Marvel tried to dismantle that run as soon as it had finished, I think that it’s a testament to Grant and everybody else who made those comics whenever Quentin or Nova or Fantomex or Sublime are used by somebody else.




Wow, that looks great. McFarlane would kill Spider-Gwen.


I really wish McFarlane learned to shut the fuck up about Spawn.


Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada tried to get him to come back for a Spider-Man/Spawn crossover written by Smith and one part drawn by McFarlane and one part drawn by Quesada. I think he’s afraid to go back to full time interiors.


There’s no way that comic would ever be finished. I mean, come on.

I’d definitely be interested in reading it though.