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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Well, Liefeld’s handguns look slightly more realistic now.


Fake news.






What the X-Men comics need are new characters. The last time they had a major new addition (Hope) was the last time I really cared. From Wolverine to Cable to Deadpool, they tend to score bigger than other teams trying to introduce/incorporate new characters. That’s what fans loved so much, I think, about Morrison’s New X-Men, and why Generation X arguably led and destroyed the teen boom of the '90s, and why Bendis missed so hard in his All-New X-Men, since he teased introducing new characters, but ultimately kept the focus on younger versions of familiar ones.


X-men are constantly creating new characters. Almost none of them stick or are cared about.


Morrison created a bunch of good new X-Men characters. Are Fantomex and Beak still around? And I think Quentin Quire got resurrected at some point?


Beak was mostly … Ethan Van Sciver. Okay, his name now carries some vilification, but back in the day EvS was more the hard-working artist. Grant gave him “bird boy” and the apteryx designs, and the personality that grew from it, were mostly EvS the first two appearances for sure. (Had that talk so very long ago. People change.)


But they have more staying power than, say, your average Teen Titans additions since their Wolfman/Perez heyday. Other than the billions of members in the Legion of Super-Heroes, it’s hard to think of another team that has successfully introduced as many new members as the X-Men. It would help some of them to be actual members of the X-Men, and not X-Force or X-Factor or New Mutants or X-Traneous (you get the picture). Just imagine what an all-star edition of the team would look like today. You’d finally have to reconcile Deadpool. I think it’s foolish to let him exist in what’s essentially a pocket universe. Obviously Legion has a tremendous amount of appeal at the moment. Why let them flounder at the fringes? Put a team together that’s relevant. And they’ll seem relevant again.


Plenty of them were x-men, most them didn’t have staying power.


I would agree except that a lot of it (even the name) sounds like unused Cable ideas. Could be very cool. I’m up for some new Rob Liefeld X-Men work. Whilce Portacio is just icing. Not really sure how Brent Peeples fits in with these two though. Rob should have brought Dan Fraga or Marat Mychaels along with him.


Have I mentioned my 100 issue Cable out line in the last few months?
No? Anyone? :wink:


This is probably the most exciting thing to happen to the xmen books in about 10 years …


Leifeld is really well thought of by a lot of the comics world. His stuff isn’t my cup of tea, I couldn’t read his stuff even as a teenager on the 90s, but it’s undeniable the influence he’s had on the comics world and beyond.

He’s a force of nature, a reallly entertaining character and regardless of my personal preferences he’s a brilliant creator, one of the greatest of modern times.


Most of them have been shite though.

Morrison did the last good job there I think.


Have to agree with all of this. As a teen during the start of Image words can barely describe just how exciting Liefeld and McFarlane were. They were rock stars like no-one since has been or I think ever will be again.


re: New X-Characters

The problem is Marvel gets rid of them too quickly e.g. Hope Summers. That started with Messiah Complex, continued in Cable, took centre stage in Second Coming and then after that? Marvel decided to have the X-Men screwed over by the Avengers and got rid of her quick.

Changing tack, the bigger problem is I hear little buzz around their new writers. The one exception is Jody Houser, whose work I’m really enjoying. Rosenberg I don’t like, heard nothing that great about Cates - and these two seem to getting everywhere. There’s nothing to hook me. What runs Marvel has are in their endpoint - Duggan’s cosmic run and Aaron’s Thor. Wilson’s winding down her Ms Marvel too, so after that? Not much except Star Wars.


Yeah, I think this is ultimately the biggest problem with that line.

I think Rosenberg, Brisson and Cates etc are really bad choices to head up big books. They are all learning on the job. They still don’t know how to write comics well. Although listening to one of them in particular in his interviews, he already thinks he’s there, so I’ll be surprised if he does improve.
Even Ennis, Millar and Morrison had to get a lot of mediocre scripts out their system before they became the amazing writers they did.

There was a time at Marvel, where the biggest names were walking into these gigs and creating so much interest and shaking things up that the x-books, like Morrison’s New Xmen run and Millar’s xmen, were must read books.

Now Marvel are putting guys who havnt honed their craft yet on their biggest properties.

Rosenberg is bang average. Cates has energy but doesn’t know how to write a story, build characters, create drama or pace a comic. Brisson’s books are instantly forgettable. All 3 of them write scripts that read like they knocked them out in a few hours.

This is how I know the people in charge at Marvel don’t have a clue what they are doing.
These guys should be learning the ropes somewhere until they are ready. The way marvel used to nurture talent.

I know this all sounds arrogant, but they are making a complete arse of it.
I tried to read their books again recently and they’d put you to sleep.


I’m just kidding anyway. There’s no reason not to think it’s an old unused character. (Other than Liefelds tendency to reuse designs.)


Other than Quentin and Herman, have many of his characters really lasted either though? Most writers have introduced at least one or two characters that have stuck around to the same degree as those two.