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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!



That lede should probably read:

“With the X-Men movies rights back in Disney’s hands, 2019 looks set to be the…”


Didn’t Pete Tomasi take over afterwards? Pete was a great editor - Hitman, Spectre, Starman, Morrison’s Batman, … he was the common element across all of these and more. You can’t deny the influence.


Dunno, wasn’t aware Tomasi was editing first then writing.


Yep. It’s the reason Morrison handpicked him to take over Batman & Robin from him.


Marvel Knights 1-5

Hard to believe it was 20 years ago, right?

The first couple of issues are pretty good, pretty exciting. Bit of nostalgia etc.
But the problem with this series by Donnie Cates, Matthew Rosenberg etc is that it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s a good opening chapter to a book that doesn’t exist.
There is also a decline after those first 2 issues, the 4th issue with Black Panther is terrible. Feels tonally out of sync from the rest of the book, like an issue of a different series altogether. 5 isn’t much better, Rosenberg really isn’t a writer I enjoy reading. I may as well finish it now, so I’m hoping issue 6 which is written by Donnie Cates is better, but this really fell of a cliff in the last couple issues.

If you enjoyed the Marvel Knights stuff back in the day you may get some enjoyment from this, otherwise I wouldn’t waste your time or money.



I loved the Marvel Knights imprint back in the day and was tempted to buy this. I’m glad I didn’t now.




I… WOW!! I need to find this book.



So Deadpool with Cyclop’s visor on Orion’s helmet? meeehhh… pass… looks incredibly uninspired.


Not my cup of tea regardless, but if it’s not a Deadpool gag they should have gone with another color scheme. And a second thumb.


Marvel has the Star Wars license, yes? 'Cause I’m pretty sure that’s Boba Fett.


You know what we all shit on leifeld a lot but you can’t deny the guy still makes bank on Marvel property. We are all probably what you would say comic conisures but for a average fly by night reader Rob has an energy to his books that isn’t seen in mainstream comics and deserves his dues.

We roll our eyes but hey this could be his next big thing.

Imagine a funko pop collector walking into a store and seeing “FROM THE CREATOR OF DEADPOOL COMES HIS NEWEST ADDITION TO THE MARVEL UNIVERSE!!”
They will at least take a look and possibly buy it.

He’s a positive force for comics on social media and dare I say it the only one with Stan Lee leaves of enthusiasm.

I’m pretty sure Deadpool Bad Blood did great numbers overall for retailers so like it or not this will have good resonance with them.


I hope that Batman has a contingency plan for that.


Super pumped for this. I surprised they didn’t mention it in the article but I thought he mentioned on his Instagram that this was a character design from 1991.


No way. Not nearly enough pouches to have been created then.