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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Feel free to ignore my posts since you seem incapable of responding without throwing a tantrum and being insulting (this is twice now, for the record).


I think my A and B are broader, and my C would be what you’re defining as D. Like AntiChris said, though, everyone has their own scales. I was just curious how DeConnick landed in the C-list based on how I was thinking about it.


It’s not a tantrum. I’m just being honest. I can spend 30 mins typing out out a bunch of books and awards into my phone to prove a point, or I can just concede, because either way it doesn’t really matter.
Is it worth the effort to change someone’s mind in something extremely trivial, or could I spend the time reading Freedom Fighters and having a cup of tea instead. Equally trivial but more enjoyable.

I’ve not spat the dummy out, I’ve just made a choice to spend my time doing something else so I don’t go to bed frustrated about where half my night went.


Fair enough.


This is a good post Jim, I agree with that outlook.

I would also add that I don’t think it’s an insult to be in that C group, especially if you have a big non-comics aspect to your career like Kelly does.


Man, Mark Waid is a tough one though. My gut tells me he’s near the bottom of group A but my head tells me he’s the top of tier B.


Yup, and to be fair I think A is really only for people with many years under their tires. Maybe if you were just talking about active writers today you’d move some people up, in the same way some actors might be considered A list today but really in the grand scheme of moviemaking they’re nowhere near that level. It’s an objective thing depending on perspective like most things are.

Funny that we got caught up in this rather than the suggestion that Captain Marvel is the most powerful character in the MCU. Thor I guess is going to job to the new character. It’s not even a good point that she’s got super space powers. Somehow Marvel are finally making a woman led superhero movie after 20 passes and they’re wanting to be celebrated for that. It’s like the Black Panther strategy all over again. The narrative is aren’t we great, and not what took you so long?


Marvel has “needed” a Wonder Woman for awhile and Captain Marvel makes as much sense as anyone else to push. Storm, Rogue, and Jean Grey are better-known, but haven’t really been developed enough outside of the X-Men. She-Hulk and Spider-Woman have carried solo titles, but feel more derivative with their male counterparts still active.


I would even say the D group isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. That’s a starting place to (hopefully) work their way up to higher rankings. You gotta start somewhere!


a list writers: Alan Moore
b list writers: the rest


I think Black Widow would have been a better option, and I would have put it into the slot Ant Man took up. Captain Marvel is ok for their first lead female, but she’s hardly been a beloved Marvel character - she’s basically been forced upon comic readers for the last decade but she’s bland, her powers are bland, her villains gallery is bland and if she were to disappear I doubt many would care. In making a safe female lead they forgot to add any character at all, and she doesn’t have a single definitive evergreen trade despite all these attempts. Unfortunately for Marvel all their great females are mutants, derivatives or Sue Storm.

By any measure if Captain Marvel wasn’t a chick there’s no way she’d have her own movie franchise.


I was thinking mainly of the comics, but, yeah, Black Widow makes more sense for the film side of things. I think Captain Marvel has more going than just “she’s a chick” because she connects more directly as a solo character to the cosmic side of things. Not question she was developed for reasons of diversity, but she’s in a solid enough position now to appeal beyond that (though not to everyone, obviously).


Remember the old TSR Marvel RPG? Monica Rambeau’s Captain Marvel was all over the place. Carol Danvers was Ms. Marvel and Binary to me for so many years and I always thought Binary was cooler than the Marvel id’s, if only because of the hair and glowing skin.

Now, Carol has been tainted for me by the stuff attached to her from Civil War and Civil War 2. It would take a movie style wipe of the character for me to like her again. Right now, she’s the person who beat Julia Carpenter up in front of her kids while the family was fleeing to Canada.


Oh man, I remember that tie-in. Damn. What an asshole. She came out of it nearly as badly as Stark. If only that was the reason they were the leaders in the sequel. :sweat_smile:


Forgot about that. Also forgot if Julia ever got payback for that.


Monica would have been a great choice. I’d make a franchise around Elsa Bloodstone. A more extreme Lara Croft type fighting monsters and the supernatural feels like a smash hit for Marvel.


They definitely dropped the ball with Monica. Bumped for Genis-Vell and never recovered (though she was great in Nextwave).



It’s about time!!