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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Picked up the Immortal Hulk trade and enjoyed it. Reminded me more of a Vertigo title from the old days than a Marvel comic.


It’s good fun eh?


honest to good best horror comic I’ve read in years


Have you read King’s Vision miniseries? I thought that was the best horror comic I’ve read in years, even though it’s not overtly horror.


Every issue so far has had at least one scene that’s made me go ”F*#k Me!” out loud. Vision was great at gearing up tension. Hulk is great for that old time shock horror moment.

But yeah vision was excellent


Guess this was inevitable:


I don’t like that costume… u_u

Superhero design discussion thread

Including all-new story moments never before seen in the game as well as bonus behind the scenes content, MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN: CITY OF WAR #1 is the first in a series of new stories from the growing Marvel Gamerverse as we press start on a brand-new Marvel Universe this March!

A growing Marvel Gamerverse!? Must everything be spun-off and connected?

Also, are any other Marvel games coming out any time soon? I doubt that we’ll see the Square Enix Avengers game for years.


Solicitations for March 2019 thread

Solicitations for March 2019 (w/Previews Text)

Fuck. Three Conan books and an Avengers crossover???


To paraphrase the line from Chinatown:

“Forget it, Ronnie; it’s Marvel.”



With each sentence in that article I find myself disagreeing more and more. That’s some new narrative they’re building. Gonna be a whole lot of nonsense written before Captain Marvel comes out.


Pshh without the recent “push for diversity” I doubt anyone would be talking about Capt. Marvel (in the CBs, that is)… she was more forced into everything rather than exploding on her own… u_u


I’m just thankful they finally found a writer who could take a character that has lasted since 1968 and turn it into something with a bit of staying power.


“It was a c-list character and c-list writer” …and still is a c-list character and c-list writer.


Kelly Sue DeConnick is C-list?


I think so. With the barometer being does she shift units. She’s not setting the sales charts on fire, is she?


At best, I’d say.


She just signed a deal with Legendary to adapt her books, is an Eisner-winner, and has a successful creator-owned career. If monthly sales are the metric that’s a pretty small A-list.

I’d put her with Remender, Lemire, Fraction, and Aaron (high B, low A).