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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


It’s always been canon lads


Mickeys gonna fuck himself down Barbarian.


Wait is Conan owned by Marvel/Disney? =/

Shit… there goes that HBO TV series idea down the drain… u_u


I think they’re licensing it from the Howard estate.


Amazon are making a series.


I was about to post a response but this kinda nails it.


Oh that’s good. Which raises another question, why is Marvel licensing him? :smile:

I mean, it’s not like Conan is a mega-seller of comicbooks… what’s the point?


Some think it’s because Aaron wants to write the book and they want to keep him happy.


Anything to keep Aaron. I’m sure he’s sick of writing Marvel.


As I said upthread, Marvel must be throwing stupid amounts of money at Aaron to keep him.

He’s been with Marvel for quite a while but I honestly don’t see him staying too much longer. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulls a Bendis and goes to DC or follows Brubaker and goes full indie.


I read Tom Taylor’s X-men red annual yesterday. Probably the most decent, recent x-men comic I’ve read. If it can normally write to that standard, give him the line.


I read it recently too. Good story, but the Art was atrocious. I don’t like to be harsh on creatives but it was less than acceptable for a marvel comic.


So Marvel has been putting these teasers today.


I kind of hope the answer is the new time travelling, Phoenix powered Wolverine. :wink:


Didn’t JMS do a story that some alien intelligence had a hand in the FF’s powers?


Not sure. I think The Four from Planetary may have gotten their powers by some similar design.


“Hmm, sales are flagging and our brand is in the toilet. What’s one thing comics fans love?”

“Retconning the canon?”



Crazy that Doctor Who did all that stuff.


(Either him or the World Health Organization.)


(To be clear I am assuming this will be a nice extended Stan Lee tribute, or at least it should be)


“Marvel History Is Destroyed” is kind of a weird tagline for something like that.