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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Well, this will be sure to piss @Jacowboy off:


She can be Wolverine, he can be X-Wolverine


Or The Wolverine.


Or Weapon X.


It should piss anyone with half a brain cell too… :smile:

Oh and any actual X-23 fan (I’m sure there are some =P)… there’s nothing wrong with Laura being X-23… that’s a cool name, and that’s the one she was created with… Bad enough she’s a Wolverine female derivate… no need to name her Wolverine too.

Oh and before anyone says or thinks it’s a gender thing, no… I’ll say the exact same thing about Daken, or Jimmy Hudson… u_u


I read that as Laura Linney and thought, “What the F***?”


She’d be great though.



Uncanny X-Men #4 preview


That looks like it’s channelling the worst x men comics of the late 90s…



Right. Also, I’ve been one of Marvel’s staunchest defenders here, but can someone explain Ed Brisson to me? What did he do to justify what seems like writing 25% of Marvel’s output? And man, I’ve tried reading his books but there’s just…nothing there to keep me reading. I don’t get it.


He knows about the (too) many characters and storylines of the X-world, and from what I read about him, he is able to pitch efficient ways to bring order to them.

-His Cable run finally solved the forgotten story of the X-ternals in a neat way.
-X-Men extermination brings the O5 story to an end while integrating the many paradoxes that came with them (it also gets rid of many doppelgängers of existing characters while at it).
-From it’s covers, X-Men disassembled seems to be adressing the many excesses and overpowered characters of the 90’s.

He seems to both want to address forgotten plot points and also get rid of the “extra fat” of the X-world in entertaining and focused ways, and that’s seem to please his boss.
And myself I must add.

I can’t say that he is a great writer, but his characters act accordingly to who they are, his stories are fast-paced in a Claremont-Era way, and when they are finished, I end up with a better understanding of what’s happening in the X-world.
And that’s exactly what I expect from an X-book, to be honest :slight_smile:

EDIT : I just read his Old Man Logan run. The concepts were interesting, but while the execution on the Maestro part was ok, the Bullseye part was weak and the Japan part was very weak.
Looks like he’s better with groups than solo titles.



I’d go with her as Wolverine (I hate X-23 as a codename) and Logan as, well, Logan.


Are they really relaunching Uncanny X-Men with an extended alternate universe/timeline storyline? That might be the most on-brand thing I’ve ever heard. :laughing:


Nah, there’s only ONE Wolverine, and he’s short ugly(ish) and hairy and his name is Logan (none of that James Howlett bullshit for me, thanks). X-23 is NEVER gonna replace him and is NEVER gonna be taken seriously as “Wolverine”. They might as well develop her into her own thing, which she has been anyways, there’s nothing wrong with who she actually is.


For me it’s the equivalent of Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. I’m fine with the mantle having been passed on and Dick being Nightwing. I’d be just as fine with Laura taking on the Wolverine mantle and Logan being Logan, especially since the best versions of the character in the movies and the comics are when he’s rocking street clothes and slicing things up. YMMV.


Batman is not the same as Wolverine for many reasons… but eh… I mean, if that’s your opinion, then fine. You’re wrong, but sure, fine… :smile:

I’m sure there are some crazies out there who would prefer for Ben Reilly to be Spider-Man… =P


[quote=“Jacowboy, post:5281, topic:10046, full:true”]I’m sure there are some crazies out there who would prefer for Ben Reilly to be Spider-Man… =P

That…uh…that was also me. :crazy_face: