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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I, for one, anxiously await the highly anticipated sequel to Trouble, Old Man Aunt May




Interesting. What do you recommend from Aftershock?

Also, maybe I take back what I said about Conan. It looks like they’re going to run multiple titles. So there maybe events/crossovers. Dammit.


I like Beyonders, Jimmys Bastards and a Walk through Hell, but their range is more what you’re interested in. Lots of sci-fi, lots of newer ideas - a bit like a TV network I suppose. I haven’t checked them all as I have so little free time, but their quality is a cut above Image and the other traditional publishers.


I’ll have to give them a peak.


Jimmy’s Bastards is a lot of fun.

It’s Ennis-Braun running on relaxed mode, so nowhere near their best, but they can still be ahead of everyone else even in lower gears.


I forgot to mention Dark Ark!


I’ve been seeing that listed, 50-50 on giving the trade a whirl. How is it?

Got Walk Through Hell on the hitlist.


It’s a standard murder mystery wrapped up in a pretty cool concept. During the flood there’s 2 arcs, one for God, one for Satan. One with good animals, one for evil mythological animals.


Relay and Replica are my recommendations.


That sounds pretty interesting. Do you know if it’s in trade format yet?


So dogs on one ark and cats on the other?


Really? Sigh. While I hoped that this wouldn’t happen, it was always pretty likely. When is the first issue out? January?


Go crazy and check out the two-issue Elric: White Wolf. More sorcerous, but some Stormbringer action too.


It is Marvel Ron, did you expect anything less than they would try to drain your wallet?

Sounds intriguing, thanks

Amazon has Volume 1 out now, Volume 2 due Jan 2019. I can get these trades quite cheap too - probably worth a gamble.


I’ve read some of the Elric novels and while I enjoyed them enough, they weren’t really for me. Elric is a little too emo-Conan.


Love this bit of X-Force trivia from Ed Piskor. X-Force #4 is one of my all-time favorites. It and the accompanying issue of Spider-Man blew my mind at the time.


Who published that?


My copy of this arrived late this week and I read it today. Terrific fun, a really clever but elegant use of the time-jumping choppiness to show Reed and Doom’s fight from their own perspective and in chronological order.

Thanks for the reminder to pick it up.