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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


More broadly I’m a big fan of format-bending issues that just don’t have the same effect in digital. I think it’s something about taking advantage of the nature of comics as a tangible physical object.

That recent Dan Slott Silver Surfer issue with a mobius strip is a good example. So is the Snyder/Capullo Batman issue that twists everything upside down. And the Promethea folded issue (and the one that was originally designed as a single giant long horizontal panel). Stuff like that.


Been reading Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man. Kinda makes the other heroes in the Marvel Universe look like dicks. Surprised Spidey has never told them to go straight to Hell.


Marvel have a Comixology sale on almost every recent series:

I picked up the second collections of Iceman and Black Bolt, and the first collection of Donny Cates’ Doctor Strange.


Having now read the first two issues of Aaron’s Avengers through Unlimited…

… I honestly have no idea what I’m reading or who it’s for.


A response to Bill Maher’s comments on Stan Lee’s passing and comic books:


I felt the same after I read the first issue. I’m usually an easy mark for Jason Aaron written books as well.

I feel his career is stagnating at Marvel, he’d also benefit from a move to DC.


I dunno man. His last issue of Thor made me super pumped for his upcoming Conan.
It’s just about finding his niche


I think he should just go the Brubaker route and move strictly to creator owned, and stay in the pulpy crime lane for the most part.

While God Killer is classic and I like bits of his Thor run and his Wolverine run, if you compare Scalped to everything he’s done since, he’s had one of the more disappointing careers in the past 15 years or so. That is as much a reflection of how good Scalped is than it is anything about his Marvel work.


I also love southern bastards and the goddamned, but I fear scheduling issues have lost readers and hype on both those books. I’m assuming the goddamned is now dead in the water


I didn’t totally warm to Southern Bastards but the first volume of Goddamned was great.

You have to assume at this point that he’s moving some of his ideas for Goddamned over to Conan. Which I am looking forward to, but it’s a shame that the Goddamned isn’t a more regular title.


I’m serious looking forward to Conan. I think the thing that is most appealing is that I assume that it will be standalone and not get swept into any Marvel events. I could always be wrong though. :wink:


I loved Southern Bastards but with the erratic publishing schedule I dropped it. When a new issue came out I’d already forgotten where we were in the story and got tired of dragging out old issues as a reminder.
If he ever gets enough material out I’d love to see it as a show on FX or Netflix.


I think he’d prefer to keep drawing a decent steady paycheck. Image had only 5 books sell above 20k last month. One of those is Spawn where McFarlane orders a bunch of copies to keep the numbers high.

He should move to DC but they’ve already got a line of Batman writers ready to go and Aaron’s style doesn’t really fit many of their other characters. The fact that he’s been given Conan to make him happy suggests a) he’s running out of things to do at Marvel and b) he’s got too narrow a range, like Brubaker, Ennis or Rucka.


That’s hilarious if true. I’m not even doubting that you’re right. I always wonder who buys Spawn.


Through various titles and events, he has written just about every big name Marvel character and group. He has done Star Wars, too.

Like I said upthread, Marvel is leaning heavily on him as he is there only marquee name left.


Just a random thought, but does anyone have thoughts about Jim Zub as a possible EiC? He’s got a pretty successful track record in indie comics, seems pretty established and liked at Marvel, has a solidly active social media presence but seems to avoid the political controversies despite working on diverse comics. I was listening to an interview with him and he seemed to have a fairly holistic way of talking about comics (creatively, economically, etc.)?

Just as an example, here’s his response to a fan asking why they should buy Champions as a Republican who gets slammed in the books and by creators.



While he could very well be a good candidate, it will come down to how much power he will really have. It appears Marketing is driving the company like it did in the 1990s and that may in turn be directed by Disney to hit certain financial benchmarks.

I don’t know if he will be given the freedom to turn the ship around. After all, a lot of us thought CB Cebulski was going to change things and yet we have a continuation of what has gone on for the last several years.


True. Quesada and Jemas had a lot of latitude/power in large part because of the precarity of Marvel at the time. In terms of just the comics Marvel is arguably in just as bass a place, but now they have a giant safety net, and so they just seem to play toward meeting those expectations without the incentive or ability to change.


I don’t think Jim Zub is anywhere near experienced enough to take on a job like that


I think Marvel need an outsider to come in and shake things up. Someone who’ll harness the next generation of talent and push Marvel to make new types of books. Most folks working at Marvel today seem to just be part of a machine that spits out uninteresting Marvel stories. The product is the thing, and the product is innovation. Marvel doesn’t understand that the characters aren’t really the product (on the comics side).