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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Just reading more on that Venom cover. As you may know Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman have been selling Venom, in a very tongue in cheek way, as ‘better than Watchmen’. Posting pics of people throwing Watchmen in the bin because they’d now read Venom and stunts like that.

Quesada and Cebulski contacted Gibbons to draw up the cover without telling them. Quesada just posted it on Twitter and copied them in.


That’s hilarious. What was their reaction?





I think he may have been too taken aback for a witty reply! :smile:


I have no affinity for the character but this stunt alone makes me want to check it out.


Ultimate Adventures (with Hawk-Owl and Woody) was by Ron Zimmerman.

Austen did an odd run on Exiles, where he did short blocks that extended out Judd Winick’s run (after Winick had left for DC) before properly taking over for a while and, from memory, it wasn’t totally awful.


I’ve heard pretty good reviews actually, even though not quite at the ‘better than Watchmen’ level. I’ll check it out on Unlimited.



Ah yeah… He’s the other much maligned writer of that era :smile:

Then I guess I don’t like any Austen books… u_u


The weekly series US War Machine for the MAX line was probably his best Marvel work.


Didn’t he use photoshop for it or something? At the time I remember it being considered pretty ground breaking. Also of note he was the artist on some of Alan Moores run on Miricle Man and used his real name chuck Beckum.



He works in animation (again?) now and is on the new She-Ra series (as executive producer). The phrase failing upwards springs to mind (although to be fair, I think his animation work is in actual animating and directing, which he might well be better at than writing. One would hope anyway).


It was an application that let you build, dress and pose 3D characters - I think the name was Poseur, but I can’t find anything online quickly. Presumaly he was compositing the elements with Photoshop though.

He was co-showrunner on a CG animated SF sex comedy called Tipping the Rift, which ran for 40 episodes between 2004 and 2007, and then a supervising producer and director on the first series each of Stephen Universe and Penn Zero: Part Time Hero.


There was a 3D model program called Poser around then.


He was and the reception his art got was so bad he left the business altogether for over 10 years and went to animation. It actually wasn’t that bad for a young artist at their first attempt but unfortunately for him he was following Garry Leach and Alan Davis so it was a big step down and they removed him and got Rick Veitch on board to finish the arc off.

I don’t know but always assumed that reception was the reason for the name change when he came back.


I remember reading at the time that to maintain the weekly schedule (24 black and white pages per week, no ads), he burned out around seven or so computers in order to complete the series.




if you are comparing this story with Avengers:The Crossing, Extermination should be labeled Burn before Reading because The Crossing was so bad the only way to fix it was having Franklin Richards build a whole new dimension and to recreate Wasp and Iron Man from scratch.


Yep, it was Mackie.


To no one’s surprise.