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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


What you want him to just give it away for free?


He does that too.


Like this guy?




Wait till you see the size of my timeline


Where does Crisis on Infinite Earths fit? Don’t you have to figure it in due to the JLA/Avengers crossover? :wink:


Just waiting to find out if Dr Manhattan created the DC universe in 1986, new 52 or was responsible for it since Action Comics #1, April 18, 1938.
Geoff will fix it


But how does that affect the Shattershot timeline?


Let me get back to you


My man!

I’ve considered trying to track that one down and reread it. I don’t remember having a very high opinion of it but a lot of that was from the perspective that the artists weren’t Lee and Liefeld and I had to pick up books I didn’t normally read to get the whole story.


Greg Cappulo art on chapter 4.
Old man Guthrie
Return (at the time) of Magik
“Cyberlock” a full 2 years before Douglock
powerpax or Frankie Power

Honestly never read parts 1-3 but it’s still readable and actually pretty exciting compared with stuff today.

Wee bit pricey at $2.25 for 64 pages :joy:


That’s the one I remember the most. I’m not sure if I read all parts either.



Okay without clicking the link I’m going to say

The Draco aka nightcrawlers dad is Satan

Angel as an angel (healing blood and dodgy age difference relationship with husk)

Hell all of chuck Austen’s run was pretty ew

Xorn is a person. Another Austen retcon almost immediately after Morrison finished his run.

Current x-men gold run completely forgettable adding nothing to the cannon

Death of X and the whole inhumans mess.
Exactly what no one asked for.

X-men living in limbo. Similar to x-men gold. Instantly forgettable in adding nothing to the overall story. I think it was Astonishing X-men and Jeff Lemire under a editorial edict?


you got 3 of them right… well, 4… :smile:




He also gave us one of the most polarizing non-mutant characters in the history of the X-Men:


uuuuuuuurgh. im sorry to say i clicked that link


I liked his Ultimate Adventures… and I think something else, but don’t remember what… none of his X-men stuff tho u_u