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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I hadn’t looked it up actually. I knew that it had been beaten to shit in the MCU, but I haven’t paid attention to the Kree in the comics for a long while.


It was in Bendis’s Guardians run.


Bendis. He likes destroying planets, does he not?




Because… Hero fighting hero is so, so radical, right?

Marvel aren’t even scraping the bottom of the barrel now, they’ve gone through it.


It’s a philosophical difference at the moment, no fighting yet. It actually makes sense within the confines of the series.


A call-back to this:


ugh… why Kimmel? u_u

On the other hand, they’re all pretty bad I s’pose…


Kimmel’s on ABC, which, like Marvel, is owned by Disney.


There’s a rub. Kimmel needs Fallons guests, Colbert needs Kimmel’s guests, and Fallon can just make do.


Doesn’t hurt that it’s either him or Cordon on the west coast so that probably figured into their reasoning


My old neighborhood when I grew up is not far from CBS Television City. Kimmel’s studio is on Sunset - even closer. It’s funny, I’ve probably been places in both those buildings Kimmel and Corden haven’t ventured! Heck, I was born on Sunset - literally.



I refuse to read or click on that bottom link but whoever came up with that needs booted fuck out of


With your permission, ChrisS, I’m going to start using that phrase whenever appropriate. :slight_smile:


Wire in mate :grinning:


Ms. Marvel #37 has been pushed back seven weeks to a new January 30, 2019 release date.

Series writer G. Willow Wilson has previously commented that her Ms. Marvel run will be delayed somewhat due to an illness, leading to no new issue in Marvel’s January 2019 solicitations.


These will possibly be shit, but I do love the concepts


That Ghost Rider looks like it should happen. I loved What if…? back in the day. Wish they’d do more of them.