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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


There’s a sequel coming soon that will pick up some of the plot stuff from No Surrender.


i read an article from Zub saying that it is a completely new story. Even though it is the same 3 writers, it is not going to be a sequel despite the image of Vector in the previews.


For me, these both work better with a definitive ending. I liked that No Surrender was a big, more or less standalone story that wasn’t going to end with a load of aftermath threads, that’s be spun out for ages across multiple books.

Similarly, everything I’ve heard about Duggan’s overall story says he’s planned it out well and gets to conclude it - that’s better for me.


No surrender is essentially an evergreen story.
You don’t need to know anything going in and with the exception of the return of the hulk is pretty much continuity free

The real bummer about the next series is as a Patreon subscriber to Jim Zub he’s not allowed to post the scripts from marvel stories any more.

I printed out every script from no surrender and bagged them with my single issues. Great collection


Yep. Nothing to read to ‘prepare’, no ‘aftermath’ tales, just 16 issues that form a damn good story.


I get that a confined story with a definite ending works great but No Surrender had a number of Avengers that I enjoyed and had not seen in a while. To hear that they were just going back into cold storage( or change once they were back in 616) was disappointing.

Also, I was enjoying Zub’s Uncanny Avengers and Ewing’s US Avengers which went from hiatus during the event to cancelled at the end of it.

edit: the same thing is happening with Gotg. The series I like turns into an event and then gets cancelled.


Anyone who’s been reading and enjoying any of Ewing’s Marvel books has had a hard time the last few years as they get so chopped, changed and axed - he deserves better.

I get wanting more from creative teams you’ve enjoyed.


Is be interested in him going cosmic again or getting an event with an Allstar artist


watch out for events :wink:


Printed on acid free paper with acid free ink, I assume. :wink:


Well that’s kinda happened many times with GotG at this point, including the DnA run… let’s hope the next relaunch is better than some of the previous ones… u_u


didn’t really get out of first gear did it?


To be fair, most cosmic properties never do… the 90’s SS and Quasar series being the odd exceptions…


So, to steal JR’s gig for a moment:

WHAT THE HELL WITH THAT LAST NAME? What is up with Marvel Comics and Superman envy?





Hoping he gets this from Immortal Hulk

It’s been well received and he said he’s done some long form planning on it, which he hasn’t had the luxury of before at Marvel



What do you mean?


And the various versions of Hyperion.


Giving her that last name is just too much, even if it’s a riff on Supergirl and Linda Danvers.

I wonder if it means they’re finally going to blow up Hala and really play the game?


Wasn’t Hala already destroyed in one of the Annihilation story-arcs?