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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


It’s certainly a bit of an over reaction.


That is a post from someone who clearly needs to step back from social media for their own mental health (not for hating Republicans but the whole corny town crier aspect) but it’s not incredibly different in tone from other creators I’ve seen.


Dan Slott and Nick Spencer seem to be similar but I don’t know if they’re quite as colorful. I think most of the others are indie creators these days. Layman is his own boss and doesn’t really have to account to any publisher.

Regardless this is another shot across the bow for creative types that social media needs to be handled very carefully. Best behavior and all that. Don’t feed the trolls. This guy just fed them his career at Marvel.


Wendig’s own perspective.


Something I’m not clear on is whether he has been removed from non-Marvel Star Wars projects by Lucasfilm too? Or is it just the comics?

(Essentially: is this a Marvel thing specifically or a broader Disney thing?)


As far as I can tell, just Marvel.

But you can link it to the other, similar goings on involving the far right-wing and Twitter.


Pffft wow now I’m disappointed… only six of those will be the new GotG… lame… It looked like a bad-ass team on thw whole.

Well I guess there’s not much suspense as to who will get in: Quill, the two women, because they need the two women, Groot, Darkhawk and CGR (last two cause they wanna push 'em). Though I gotta say, GotG without Rocket is not the best idea they’ve come up with, though I’m sure he’ll rejoin.


I’d rather they just resurrect the real Phyla than use the Alt-reality versions of her and Moondragon.


It’s basically the Annihilators. The team is far too overpowered to be interesting.


True but it depends on what you’re planning for the book… I ideally I’d like them to start having grand adventures, and feature more of the galatic empires and all that kind of stuff… I mean, in the end you’re only overpowered when compared to your enemies…


Who’s that to the left of Nova?


I’m guessing Adam Warlock.


Yes it is… although he’s probably dead by now… :smile:



Solicitations for January 2019

I’m all in for Aaron’s Conan, the Barbarian. That looks pretty great.


Me too. I’m also a huge fan of Asrar. He was one of the big draws of X-Men Red for me.


Simone Bianchi was working on a Conan recently, cover or variant perhaps? I had to give him a hard time with the rough; said it would be easy for the sword he sketched in to become a magic shovel, and Conan could become Halloween Man. (By Drew Edwards and others who graduated this academy.) I think I started an international incident.



I think I need to stop looking at solicitations. No Duggan?.. meh. I think I am down to Thor and Domino…

I have followed 2 event style comics last couple of years and both appear to flat flat on the landing.

No Surrender was amazing… until I saw how it was going to end (very little impact and Avengers starting completely over with Aaron)

Infinity Wars looks great… until I notice Duggan stops writing Gotg( Cates starting over with a new team, sound familiar, see Avengers above.)