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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


It does seem like the logical next step. Of course, I also wouldn’t be surprised if clauses like that led to lawsuits about free speech and whatnot about if companies have the right to censor personal, online personas or not.

But yeah, the current political climate is so toxic that this shit’s probably going to get worse before it gets better.


Yeah, although it won’t obviously be applied to anyone… just employees with public profiles… I mean, there’s no point in adding such a clause for a supermarket cashier…

And yes, it’s gonna be messy… I’m not sure how NDA’s work (in a legal sense, I mean), but maybe some sort of NDA-like clause that requires you to either shut down your public social media accounts, or just put them on “private” or something like that.

I don’t know, it’s literally new terrain, so I guess lawyers are gonna have fun in the next decades :smile:

Also: The really stupid part is that, none of it would be really needed if people had a smidge more common sense… u_u


That’s fair but those clauses aren’t currently in place. The US does tend to be “at will” employment. So that is possible but not always the best for encouraging future talent to sign on, something Marvel can’t really afford right now.


It always gets me that the people who say “celebrities” shouldn’t talk about politics are always keen to tell you their own, as if being a plumber or an office worker gives you more of an entitlement to speaking your mind than being an actor or sportsperson.


Pretty sure some companies do that now. I know a few people who have been social media managers of big corporations and they had to put a lot of their personal social media profiles on private. So yeah, that might become more of a standard thing.


Well… on the other hand, I think it’s safe to say that a good chunk of creators aren’t getting in trouble, which makes me think that it shouldn’t be an issue moving forward… these clauses would be put in place for the minority of public profiles that can’t help themselves… :smile:

Also, since creators already accept other shitty conditions of employment, I think Marvel can get away with something like that.

Yeah but then look at someone like Mel Gibson who should’ve probably kept his yap shut… =P

It’s a bit more complicated than yes or no.


Yeah, sounds smart. In fact, I’m pretty sure Disney’s lawyers are going through their whole process right about now… I think it’s safe to assume they don’t want another Gunn/Batista debacle going forward… so yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if they add a STFU clause to their NDAs while they’re in their employment.


This is pretty clear to me. Wendig was engaging customers, fans of Marvel engaged him as an employee of Marvel based on the work he did at Marvel. He is obliged to be the bigger person, to not bite the bait, because when he responds he comes off as part of the Marvel machine and the company is placed in a difficult situation - either stand by him and everything he says, or condone his words to make it clear he doesn’t speak for the company.

If you’re in any company speaking in any kind of company situation, then you don’t get to call a customer a prolapsed asshole without consequence. What Wendig did was infantile and stupid and he’s hurt his career as a result. He knew better. There’s no debate to be had on how he should have behaved. This would have been just as true 50 years ago.

If you’re a public figure of any capacity your income depends on the public. But again if you’re a plumber and you go on racist rants on Facebook chances are those words will hurt your career. Freedom of speech isn’t freedom from consequences.

There is clearly a place to discuss politics, but it should be done in a grown and mature manner. If you’re calling someone a fucking cunt you’ve lost. The issue here is not his politics, not who he engaged, it’s the manner he went about it.


I’d still like to know what he actually said because a lot of Marvel freelancers are pretty strident about their politics. This does seem like it must have gone a step further but I don’t know.

It is true that in any customer facing role, which many of us have been in, you do have to bite your tongue even if one of them is being a complete and utter arsehole. You don’t get to say it.


Agreed… you put it more smartly than I could :smile:

Also, the funny thing is that an actual legal disclaimer already exists (and has probably existed for decades), you know the whole “the views expressed by XXX do not represent blahblahblah”… but I guess it’s not really viable within the context of social media and the incessant outpouring of “opinions” by everyone and their granma on a 24/7 basis… =/


I saw a screenshot of some of his tweets that people were claiming cost him his job and it was mostly ‘fuck Trump’ and ‘fuck republicans’ stuff. If his version of the firing is to be believed it seems that it was specifically his editor that didn’t like it and made the choice to fire him.


Same. The articles I read only mentioned a tweet storm, but gave no specifics on who said what to whom. Certainly public figures have to be held accountable. That said, it’s hard to justify that statement when we have a president who tweets shit all day every day and is on tape saying horrible things and all that and no one hold him accountable for shit. Not saying that should give anyone else a pass, but it hasn’t helped the climate any.


Here you go, this is probably what did it:

There will be renewed calls for civility. Ignore them. They ask for civility as a way for you to grant them complicity in what they do.
Civility is for normalcy. When things are normal and working as intended, civility is part of maintaining balance. But when that balance is gone, civility does not help return it but rather, destabilize it further. Because your civility gives them cover for evil.
Note: this isn’t the same as calling for violence. But it is suggesting that you should not be shamed for using vigorous, vulgar language. Or for standing up in disobedience. Or for demanding acknowledgement and action in whatever way you must.
Fuck Trump. But he’s just the ugly fake-gold mask they’ve put on this thing. Fuck all the GOP, fuck that blubbering, bristling frat boy judge, fuck McConnell, Ryan, Grassley, Collins, every last one of them. Fuck them for how they’ve shamed victims and helped dismantle democracy.
They will tell you to smile, that we need to get back to business, that we gotta heal the rift and blah blah blah — but that’s the desire of a savvy bully, who wants you to stop crying after he hit you, who wants you not to fight back. But you can cry. And you can fight back.
They can eat shit. All of them. They can eat a boot covered in shit.
Winter is coming, you callous fucknecks, you prolapsed assholes, you grotesque monsters, you racists and rapists and wretched abusers, you vengeful petty horrors.
Sidenote: some will tell you to be civil because our rage and scorn will fuel the other side, but fuck that double standard in both its ears.
“Well, if you hadn’t said those SASSY WORDS and demonstrated ANGER at our whittled-down democracy, I for a second might’ve been convinced not to eat this baby. But fie! Fie on you! Your incivility MADE me eat this baby!”
Spoiler warning: they were always gonna eat that baby.
PS— It’s okay if you’re not okay.

I’m sure there’s a ton of now deleted tweets too.


Honestly, the companies would be doing people favours telling they can’t have twitter or Facebook accounts

These social media sites/apps probably account for a lot of mental health related issues that are at epidemic levels in society just now

My kids will be getting brainwashed not to use twitter or Facebook by me over the next few years in the hope that they avoid these platforms


Now I want to see someone photoshop that onto this.


Full Guardians line up revealed:


That panel reads very differently in the context of Cap being part of Hydra!

I always thought people learned the complete wrong thing from that panel. Like if you believe a thing and everyone else disagrees than take a moment to question that maybe you don’t know what you’re doing.


Weird that he got fired for that, the grocer tells me that almost every day.


That’s the trouble with that speech. It can be used to justify the worst, most despicable behaviour as well as the best.


Huh. I never got that reading beforehand. I still don’t, really. But, I’m probably biased. It’s one of my favourite Straczynski “rants”.