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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


You have to remember that some (actually a lot of) writers feel it’s their job to affect culture and is one of the reasons they got into the field.

They’re not exactly technical types who will build rockets for Nazis or NASA depending on who will fund it.


The final issue (#12) of Saladin Ahmed’s Black Bolt made it to Marvel Unlimited this week, so I read the whole series. It’s very, very good. Funny, thoughtful and very emotionally insightful, with a lovely warmth throughout. A cut above the usual Big 2 stuff, and I think a run that’ll be hailed as a classic in future.



Yeah, with their work, not with their tweets… u_u

Plus honestly, at the very least the Gunn situation was good because it was VERY public, so pretty much any twitter user knows about it and they should know better by now… so zero sympathy going forward for people who keep being stupid about it.

I mean, shit, it’s not like you can’t create an anonymous account if you REALLY need to scratch that itch…


That’s the missing context from the article. When Quesada addressed Comicsgaters recently they did point out some tweets that in truth were pretty unacceptable from an ex-freelancer, personal insults and threats “Fuck you and hope you die” kind of comments. Even though I’m fully on that side politically there are still standards you have to maintain.

So for me it really depends how ‘vulgar’ these tweets are before I can make a judgement.


Yes, this is very true. Although I will mention that a technique of the gamergate type trolls is to goad people relentlessly until they respond inappropriately, and then quickly delete all of their trolling and present the inappropriate response out of context. This is pretty common and actually happened to a friend of mine.

That said, it is also very easy to just delete your social media account, particularly if it’s causing this unhappiness for you, or just mute/block people. I think some of the more outspoken writers on social media, like Layman, have a ton of people blocked and muted.


It’s not like Wendig hasn’t been like this the entire time he’s been on Twitter, including long before Marvel hired him. It’s not like they could even feign surprise ala Gunn’s old tweets.


It’s bizarre that we applaud people standing up for their values in some venues but think that employees in other jobs should just keep their mouth shut and toe the company line.


Is it really? would you keep or fire an employee who badmouths 50% (or so) of your customer base?

And I really hate to play devil’s advocate 'cause I really don’t like or agree with Disney in general… but there’s common sense to be considered here.

He wasn’t blowing a whistle or anything. I mean, yeah Disney is what it is, but come on…


I don’t really know what to make of that Wendig article. If his account is accurate then Marvel/Disney comes off pretty badly (again). There’s no reason anyone should have to be civil to online trolls who are harassing him/her. But that said, I have no idea what the background is, what was said by anyone or anything…it’s a really sparse article without a lot context.

I did find this Joe Hill tweet on the whole thing that I found interesting, though


Well, from what I managed to gather he was rather vocal about politics, so that’s a problem, wether you’re left or right wing, because either way you’re alienating/antagonising a good chunk of your customers.

Disney is a massive company that wants to squeeze money from everyone, left and right, so yeah, I can see how they’re probably gonna get a lot more strict with these sort of things moving forward… and I expect alot of companies to start doing the same.


I’m saying some people who applaud people like Kaepernick’s very public protests are the same that are saying these guys should shut their mouths and cash their paychecks.


Eh… I don’t know who kaepernick is so… I’ll take your word… Personally, my beef is with people being stupid on social media (twitter particularly)… I mean, look at that fool Elon Musk, he went from being Tony Stark to being the crazy drunk asshole uncle in a matter of months, all because he just couldn’t shut his fingers up…

Also, in a more neutral note… We have to remember that this whole “social media” thing is still relatively new, so yeah, we’re in the “adjustment period” now, there’s gonna be a lot of hard knocks while people in general figure what to do with this whole clusterfuck.


Musk was always that way though. People just went from applauding his quirky behavior to thinking it was a liability. It really has more to do with the fickleness of the crowd.

Tony Stark is also both of those things. :wink:


I’ve no idea if he was always like that, but in the past few months he’s ramped up his twitter stupidity… and it’s paid off… he’s got a diffamation lawsuit coming up and he got in big trouble with the SEC (and he got lucky, could’ve been much worse).


He’s gotten into fights with customers and reviewers before and he started boring a hole under a major metropolitan area because he got stuck in traffic. These are not new behaviors.


Maybe… but hey, his latest tweet cost him 20 million bucks… so I guess he can at least brag about having made history’s most expensive tweet… u_u


The James Gunn thing is ridiculous because it was shit he did years ago before everyone became fucking whining little pussies, running to tell the teacher every time someone says something they don’t like

Now though I find it hard to understand why anyone would want to be on Twitter, let alone engage with these fuckers

It’s a vile cesspool that isn’t worth wading though to get to the good parts


How did it cost him $20 million?

Edit: Sorry got confused and thought we were still talking about Wendig.

I don’t think Wendig has ever even seen $20 million.


Well I do find the whole thing stupid… but again, hard to see what the path forward is, specially when you’re talking about gigantic companies with mass appeal.

So yeah, my guess is, we’re gonna start seeing some new clauses in contracts very soon… forbidding employees from running their mouths on social media, or just forbidding them from having public social media accounts or something like that… I don’t really see any other way to avoid these sorts of issues… at least until the general climate changes.