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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


They wait that long now?


It’s a new era at Marvel. Event books are down to twice a week too.



What a tragic article. So sad that he has to deal with this so late in life.


Stan seems to be doing great for 95. Some changes in personnel around him, and I still don’t trust that lot. His daughter seems like quite the piece of work.



This is looking interesting… a bit more Annihilators than GotG, which isn’t so bad…

So I’m expecting the Surfer there (cause of the board), Groot at the back, Possibly Peter in the front with the guns, and either Warlock or Quasar on the right… I would include Ronan and Super-Skrull in there to have some representation from the major empires.


It would be more interesting if it wasn’t yet another Donnie Cates book.

Between him and Matthew Rosenborg I feel they have half of marvel’s books sewn up.


What else is he doing? I know he’s on Cosmic Ghost Rider (which has been pretty good), but that’s about it… Anyways, seems Duggan and Cates are in charge of the cosmic stuff these days, and they’re doing a fairly good job of it (though I’m not up to date with Infinity Wars, need to read that).


Dr strange, Marvel knights, venom, cosmic ghost rider, inhumans, thanos

His books read like he’s stretched - going to burn himself out before he even writes anything good


While he is busy.
Mark Waid is on dr strange.
Thanos was a one shot
Cosmic ghost rider is a limited series
As is inhumans
The only two books he will be on at the same time is gaurdians and venom

So not that heavy a workload he’s just making lots of good noise


He is making lots of noise

Let’s not forget babyteeth at aftershock, redneck at image, god country at image

None of these books are particularly good

It seems Marvel are going down the route of giving work to guys who can churn it, possibly at a lower pay rate than the droves of top writers who have flocked away from them recently


It doesn’t feel that recent anymore. This feels like it has been the way since All New, All Different happened. Pretty much three years now (without bothering to check the dates). Come on, Marvel. Do better.


Well I can’t speak for all of his work, but I liked what he did on Thanos and what he’s doing on CGR. I’ll check out some of those other books like Venom and Inhumans…



The company headed by a laughing stock that pretended to be a Japanese man for years is very sensitive about how it comes across on social media, clearly. :roll_eyes:


My other area of net activity is currently, sort of, exploding over this.


I wonder if these are unrelated incidents or the sign of a larger company policy. This feels more like a Disney decision than Marvel Comics.


About half of me feels like it’s pretty shady to be fired over political opinions on Twitter and half of me feels like it’s pretty dumb to risk your job over social media.

Marvel has let Mark Waid keep both his job and his very outspoken social media (ditto with many others), so while he is not on Waid’s level I wonder if there is some pretty bad stuff out there.

And obviously anyone who cares about gay characters in Star Wars, in a spinoff comic no less, ,enough to abuse the creator can do the world a favor and walk into the ocean. Disney needs to stop empowering these guys.


I’ll never understand why people feel compelled to post their political opinions on something as inane and one sided as Facebook or Twitter when they’re in a very public job. You’d think after James Gunn more people would just shut up.