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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I can’t think of a time where single issue artists across a single storyline has every worked.

It felt like it was rushed into production and was promoted as “superstar artist” every issue which only last 4-5 depending on your tastes.

Artists per arc sure but 6 artists of completely different style over 6 issues. Pass.


I believe the x books work well when they are all connected at some level.
10 months of character development and following different themes with b/c story plot points that come together for a 2 month crossover over 4 titles. (8 issues in total)

This worked for me personally as I didn’t have to pick up the books I didn’t enjoy but it was always good to see the band come togeather for a big event.

Hell make it every 2 years.

This way you get reader commitment. Encourage dipping into other books if they wish and increase the potential value of back issue purchases for stores to take advantage of.

I don’t think it’s rocket science. And there is plenty of material to draw from.


Well I think it works a lot better when the books aren’t connected and clearly defined, so maybe it is hard to please everyone.


This is how he’s used in the new PS4 game.


I’m with you there.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad idea that they have now, they’re essentially having one weekly X-Men book run like a TV series with multiple writers, a bit like Spider-Man did after Brand New Day. Then it’s down to the execution.

The X-Men and Avengers lines have been the worst in recent times suffering from eternal reboot syndrome. Every 10 months there’s a jumping on point that I think are increasingly being regarded as jumping off points. By the time they gather the team together, new team, new number 1, nothing started ever goes anywhere.



This reminds of the panel I went to before Fear Itself where Matt Fraction told this great story about how he kept asking Joe Q if he could kill Bucky again. Trying to retell it would not do it any justice at all(even if I could remember all the details) but from what I call remember they ask him to do an event, he comes to to the meeting, gives them his pitch, and the climax of the story is… Bucky gets killed. :blush:



Okay. Whatever.


He lead the Fantastic Four so why not the Avengers.


I think it is a great move. T’challa is a great leader. BUT… after reading that linked article I am still not going to read the Avengers. Until Jen’s intelligence and personality are restored to She-Hulk, I will continue to boycott the Avengers.


That’ll teach 'em.


And with team books, if you don’t give them 30-50 issues for long form storytelling there really is no point in doing them.


Busieks Avengers
Hickmans fan four and Avengers
Probably the best team book runs I can think of in the last 20 years


Tynion IV Detective Comics
Johns Justice League


20 years? Ultimates and New X-Men.


Waid-Wieringo FF


Yes sorry my bad! Agree with all of those


Different section of the book shelf!


I’ve never read this - is it soemthingn worth tracking down

I do see it mentioned from time to time


This and McDuffie-Pelletier FF.


It will be unsurprising to most that I thought the Waid-Weiringo run is massively overrated. For what it’s worth, here’s my top 10 FF runs from early 300’s to the end of Hickman’s run.

1. Simonson 334-354
2. Straczynski/Mckone 527-541
=3. Englehart & Buscema/Pollard - 304-333
=3. Hickman/Various 570-587 600-611 + FF 1-22
5. Defalco/Ryan 356-416
=6. Waid/Wieringo 60-70, 500-524
=6. McDuffie/Pelletier 544-553
8. Millar/Hitch 554-569
9. Marin/Pacheco 35-50
10. Claremont/Larocca 4-32