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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


But she also chose to go out on a purposely divisive note.


True, but I guess I don’t see what she did as shitting on her employer. She was clearly upset, but it’s not like she said Marvel was a shit company that sucks because they canceled her series. She expressed disappointment and indicated she didn’t want to keep quiet about it like they wanted her to and that’s pretty much it. It’s clear she’s not happy with Marvel but she hardly seems to be shitting on them.

But like Gar said, it’s really a non-story so I guess I’ll move on.


That new X-Force book looks so cool. But, I’m a little drunk at the moment. And, Pepe Larraz is amazing. Unfortunately he’s only the cover artist.


Saying a character is feminist is divisive?


This is the crux. You shouldn’t air your dirty laundry in public like that.


Thinking about it she may be in season 2 of Marvel Rising. Would make for good corporate synergy etc


Correct. Cosmic ghost rider is fun but it’s a different feel to what I want out of my xforce story telling


The character or the creator. I remember the reaction to the cover being interpreted as Cain’s statement.


It was a really good series and the notion that that cover hastened its demise has to be codswallop. Sure, it didn’t get the sales it deserved, but unfortunately that’s been true of a lot of terrific Marvel titles in recent years. Based on that series, I’m keen to see more of Cain’s work.

That’s without even getting into the issue as to why some people decided to be offended by that T-shirt.


It’s worth remembering that Chelsea Cain wasn’t the artist on Mockingbird anyway.


I don’t mean to suggest that the cover got the series cancelled, but that the series being cancelled made the cover possible.

Anyway, Cain’s latest comic was cancelled. Marvel didn’t want to publish it. The end.


Assuming your age is similar to mine - the world has changed. Younger generations don’t see privacy the same as older generations


I loved that cover and it got me to read the book.


That was the whole point. It was attention-grabbing.


I just finished reading the 16-issue Hawkeye series by Kelly Thompson and Leo Romero, and I absolutely loved it. It was a note-perfect continuation of the Fraction/Aja series — not a copy, but a continuation.

Smart plots, great characterization and plenty of humor. Anyone who liked the Fraction should pick it up. And Romero’s art is fantastic. He seems to be quite young and new? If so, a terrific new find for Marvel; I hope they give him some big books to work on.


If you haven’t read it yet, the new West Coast Avengers series carries on the characters from Thompson’s Hawkeye. It’s a different tone, and much more of a broad action/comedy book, but if you liked Hawkeye it’s well worth picking up.


Yep, definitely. I’m eagerly waiting for it to get to Marvel Unlimited (though Comixology Unlimited sometimes has Marvel titles faster).


At this point I’m not sure who would want to be hired by Marvel.


the guy in blue is supposed to be young cable. looks more like a relative of shatterstar than a young cable to me.

and shatterstar going to die a horrible death 2 pages in? just like in DP2?


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