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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I don’t think so although I think it was always pretty much expected, they’ve already done a Jessica Jones book with another writer.

All I’ve read from Saladin Ahmed is Black Bolt and it’s really very good, one of the best books Marvel have put out for a while and got an Eisner nomination if I recall correctly.


You have a very valid point.
But that’s exactly what I would do/say in that position.
And those of us that are older (I’m closer to 50 than 49) would be worse…


Yeah I don’t know, she’s broken their request for radio silence but what she’s said is hardly that controversial, that she’s sad it won’t come out. She’s not gone on some tirade and others in the past have and worked again for Marvel.


She says she spent two years working on it as well, but nobody wants to have a 2 year gap in their CV. Maybe some people at Marvel might be a bit disgruntled, but she’s not really stepped out of line in the grand scheme of things. I would hope it doesn’t affect her ability to get work.


There is no reason the book can’t come out, and cancelling it two months before publication is bush league. She has a right to be mad.


I also suspect at this point in time she’s not super concerned with staying on Marvel’s good side for future work that they might just shelve at the last minute again. It would be hard to want to work for them again after investing so much time a creative energy on a project they cancelled out of the blue.

Not that she’s said anything out of line other than calling Marvel out for asking her to keep it quiet. Which really isn’t even out of line.


I mean she’s a novelist, and also just had a TV series based on one of her books come out. It’s not like this was all she was working on.


Ed Brisson & Cosmic Ghost Riders Dylan Burnet to relaunch x-force.

Mmmm I dunno

So the line up

Warpath, Shatterstar, Domino, Cannonball &Boom Boom yes!

Deathlok? maybe if there’s an original reason for him being there. His story seems to go the same way everytime.

No Hope or Bobby/sunspot or Rector.
Caliban would been a nice touch with the right artist as he’s often drawn sloppily.

Cover clearly shows young Cable as part of the team so the big chase is really meaningless.

Will they follow up on Hopes x-Force team which was dipicted at the end of Si Spurriers Cable &X-Force run? Computer says no.

Will Cannonball lead the team and will they acknowledge his wife and daughter? Probably not.

Will Deadpool make a cover appearance by issue 3? Of course he will.

Will Domino be the team leader. Yup even though she’s never expresses any interest of leading anything.

Will I shut the hell up and buy it anyway.

Yeah but if it’s over 3.99 I might pass.


It’s an interesting team. I’ll at least give a preview a peak.


Cable is dead again?


Well is he ever?

As far as I’m concerned none of Cables appearances have been linear hence the changes in appearance and age over the years.

Plus I believe he and Hope are (or should be) universal constants which means he will always be present in one form or another in the timestream.

There is literally nothing that any creator can do to derail him as his story is ever evolving and can always be attributed to a different time and place in his life without continuity traps.

But also I kinda hope this new development is actually a young Stryfe. They have kept his arm covered up so I don’t see why it couldn’t be. He certainly needs more of his story told to show how he got that F@*ked up so would be a good opportunity for Brisson to through in some classic X-Force twists

I have spent far to many years thinking about this


“Two years of work”

I’d imagine she wasn’t working on this, exclusively, day in and out for two years. She has a right to be pissed, but I cannot stand when adults throw online temper tantrums when things don’t work out. Yeah, I’m sure Marvel could have handled it better, but give me a break. This whole I WILL NOT BE SILENCED IN THE FACE OF THIS GRAVE INJUSTICE route that she appears to be taking is eye-rollingly embarrassing.


That reminds me a bit of Remender’s run with Apocalypse.


I certainly hope so.
I haven’t been particularly enamoured with Brissons work as yet and haven’t read anything of his that is a must buy (happy to take recommendations )


The funny thing about Cain is that it was basically her “Ask me about my feminist agenda” cover that kicked off the perception that Marvel had finally gone too far in its attempt at representation. It stopped feeling like representation and more like an agenda that totally disregarded fan interests.

And wasn’t that something (Cain’s Mockingbird, I think?) that also ended abruptly? I think Marvel simply decided she wasn’t worth the hassle, and now she’s proving them right.


How so? By being pissed off that they canceled something out of the blue last minute and then tweeting about being upset about it? If they didn’t think she was worth the hassle why hire her to write that Vision story and solicit it in the first place?

That Mockingbird cover thing was 2 years ago and they apparently let her and the rest of the creative team work on this Vision thing for the last couple years knowing exactly who she was and what she was bringing to the table for this series (whatever that might have been). For me it’s Marvel that looks amateurish in this situation, not her.


Insofar as the more they saw the results of the current project, it might have become clear to them that they didn’t want to work with her anymore. We’re hearing only the surface of this.


I would lean that side but it seems to me hugely over exaggerated anyway. Mark Waid has gone on huge tirades over the years against Marvel and DC, Greg Rucka too, and they still get employed because in the end who gives a shit if the comic is good? I don’t. Rumours are that John Byrne was being seduced by Marvel recently and all he’s done on his board for 15 years is slag them off even though he’s been recorded in court under oath that they paid him over $10m over his career.

It’s a nothing story. She’s annoyed it will never see the light, we all would be too if that happened to us, slags off nobody. She makes a joke about her personality while copying in Marvel. Nothing to see here.


Strikes me that simply they realized they have another hit character in Viv Vision so they want to remove her from any sort of story that could be hard to reboot. Whereas 2 years ago she seemed like a nothing character. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Viv Vision on the big screen at some point.

One this topic though if you sign up to work for big corporate you sign up for big corporate changing their minds. I’m sure she was paid for her work. Going to Twitter and shitting on your employer is a really unprofessional thing to do.


Mockingbird was canceled because of low sales. It had nothing to do with Cain.