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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!



Mixed bag for me on the Marvel stuff so far:

Amazing Spider-Man - terrible art, and weak story. looks and feels like a C-lister book.
Dr Strange - Beautiful, solid, look forward to it every month.
Immortal Hulk - great read, the art does’t feel quite right but it’s ok
Domino - solid stuff
Thor - abslutely HATE the art, but the story is amazing!
Avengers - hmmm… doesn’t feel right, and the art, while good, feels really crowded and a bit “loud”. I can see me drifting away
Fantastic Four - God-awful cover, bitty interior, but hoping for good things.
Captain America - very solid so far, looking forward to seeing where it goes.


Ha! Del Mundo on art is a much bigger draw for me that Aaron on script.


I picked a few marvel issues up in the bogo free sale on comixoligy, the fixed one not the one where everything was free.

Avengers took a while to find its feet but it did pick up, it’s not brilliant but it’s at least good. The art is really meh though, and I agree loud is a good word for it.
I still won’t be picking it up monthly at $4 an issue, but I might get it as it comes up in sales.

First issue of iron man was very meh. Art was terrible. Are all marvel books now just this generic cartoony style. I’ve got two more issues more to read, so will see if it gets better in terms of story or art, but I’m not optimistic.

Also picked up the last couple of x men red issues and got Lemires sentry, but haven’t had time to read either. X men red I had been buying, based on recommendations here, and enjoying, but stopped when I heard the current team was being cut after the next “event”. I thought I’d pick up the issues that finish the first arc while on sale.
I have high hopes for sentry, as Lemire has been running pretty hot for me recently.

I did buy west coast last week at full cover price, as I really liked Thompson’s Hawkeye run. It was really a continuation of that run in pretty much every way, so I’ll be sticking with that.

I do agree things do seem to have gotten better with these relaunches, but still a long way from where they were.
At some point i was buying all 3 avengers series, iron man, cap, Thor, Hawkeye, and f4.
Now I’m down to one series and a few scraps on sales.


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Marvel Comics has cancelled plans to publish the previously-announced The Vision limited series. Originally announced at Comic-Con International: San Diego, the series was to be written by Chelsea Cain and Marc Mahon and drawn by Aud Koch.


Strange. Seems like there’s no clue as to why?


According to Bleeding Cool, someone else at Marvel has plans for Vision and Viv, and the team working on the mini either didn’t know about them or didn’t know they clashed with what was planned.


I’m trying to remember the last time Marvel cancelled a book before it was released. Struggling though. Was it Doctor Doom or something?


Marvel comics is to DC movies what Marvel movies are to DC comics. It’s so bizarre.


I literally have no idea what this means.


But it’s mostly correct!


I wouldn’t know. I literally have no idea what it means.


It means Marvel comics are bad but DC comics are good; Marvel movies are good but DC movies are bad.



Well that’s a good way to make sure they don’t consider hiring you again.


Not necessarily bad or good as exceptions both ways but carefully run versus carelessly run.


Was this common knowledge?