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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I just clicked through and added them all to my cart, entered the code and it worked (taking the total down to £0.00)… And then I realised I didn’t actually want any of them, and would likely never read them. So I didn’t bother.

Thanks for the heads-up though!


I’ll take it. Thanks for the heads up!


I’m reading Simonsons Thor just now, which I bought quite a while back in a Comixology sale.

11 o’clock comics do a ‘book club’ as part of their podcast, and I’ve found it a good way to catch up on stuff that I’ve never got round to, or re-read some classic stuff that I’ve not read in ages.

They are only covering the first 9 issues so it was not too much of a momentous task.

First thing that strikes me is, although it suffers from that dated feel that most US comics from that era that were not written by Alan Moore or Frank Miller, it’s a lively read absolutely packed with ideas and character.

There’s probably more in the first 4 issues of the run than you’d find in a years worth of a lot of many modern Marvel books.
It’s just one idea, after another after another, and although the writing style and dialogue can be a little bit tired in places, the actual plotting and storyline is pretty incredible. Where many modern writers come up with their idea, then sit back and admire themselves for being so clever for 12 issues, Simonson just keeps churning them out.

There’s also an incredible sense of fun, the Clarke Kent and Lois Lane cameo in issue 341 is borderline genius.


I was pretty much the same. I only picked up the X-Men Red tpb, following favourable word of mouth from here. I did also buy a few legitimate sale items to assuage my guilt.


Somebody oughtta show this post to Cebulski.
Marvel are at such a low.


Not working for me.


X-Men Red is terrific. What with that and All New Wolverine, I’m becoming a huge fan of Tom Taylor.


You snooze, you lose. :slight_smile:

Guess they must have fixed it now.


I read the first trade worth of material and really enjoyed it. Mahmud Asrar is off the book after that and it appears that everything is getting sucked into the latest X-Men event. So I’m off again.

When I met Cebulski earlier this year, it was one of the books along with Waid and Samnee’s Captain America that I told him I was really enjoying. The look on his face made me think that things didn’t bode well for the future of those books.


I wish Marvel could read this post and understand that they need to radically change direction. This sums up just how lost they’ve become.


It’s their maddening way. It’s like my moan about the Al Ewing Avengers books, all they do is gather the team, setup the concept, reboot the book entirely after 10 issues. This X-Men Red scenario is exactly the same, good creative team, good start, goes nowhere because - LOOK we have a new shiny thing over here!

You reach the point where you just give up chasing the shiny things that never go anywhere. I’ll read Batman as they give the writer 100 issues to tell his story.


I don’t know, that Avengers cover has a prehistoric Ghost Rider riding a flaming woolly mammoth. I think I would read that for free (and will in 6 months).



Not again:


Marvel should get a green award with all that recycling they’re doing… u_u


Make Mine Recycled Marvel! :wink:


I just hope this and Spider-Geddon don’t mess with Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man.


I bought the first few issues but haven’t managed to read them yet. How is it so far?


It’s nothing ground-breaking, but I like that in my Spider-Man. Nice character work so far.


Yeah, I gotta say, for all the crap we’ve been giving Marvel, this latest round of relaunches has a lot of gems. ASM has been solid, Captain America is interesting. Thor is balls-out FUN, in yet another Aaron reinvention that brings in a lot of characters we’ve yet to see in his run. X-Men Red pulls me in every month. Immortal Hulk is the best run on the character since early in Bruce Jones’ run. Black Panther is a little weird, but you can see where Coates took the challenge of the movie to do something different and HUGE - he said as much in the roundtable special feature. And I’m giving Avengers time, because Aaron rarely disappoints, and the prehistoric Ghost Rider issue was great.

I’m almost certain they’ll screw this up, but the start of this latest round has been solid so far.

EDIT: And FF #1 was the best issue of the book since Hickman left.