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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


To this day I still find it weird that my childhood dentist was Gared Shamus’ brother.



Did he have old comics in the waiting room?


This (and David’s follow up) is pretty interesting stuff.

I think there is a market for a new magazine like Wizard, which exists with good relationships with Marvel and DC, and runs stories about their books, as well as Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, etc., along with sample pages, Q&As, oral histories, profiles on intriguing new artists, stuff like that. Sell it in comic stores, the major bookstores, by subscription, and on Comixology.

This kind of thing doesn’t really exist. The comic sites are rubbish, and the signal-to-noise ratio online is impossible to navigate. As it as had been mentioned (I think by @ChrisS), the lack of media outlets like Wizard, that offer news and information and set a baseline example that it’s OK to be enthusiastic about comics, has hurt the industry. Sure, to get that kind of access with Marvel and DC you would need refrain from articles about how they suck. If readers want that kind of thing all they have to do is look literally anywhere online.


No, he had copies of Wizard but only after he found out they were a big deal with his younger patients.


It would be great to see.

It’s been a long time, maybe a decade or so, since I wrote for a comics site, and the stuff I did back then was largely unpaid hobby stuff that I did as an outlet for the kind of comics chat that doesn’t feel like it exists that much any more - just fellow fans trying to find stuff to be enthusiastic about and talking about what is worth reading. Kind of like a broader version of the New Comics Thread we have at MW.

Most comics news sites I see now are so laced with snark or so clickbait/controversy-driven that they just don’t have time for sincere fan stuff, and I don’t think it would get many hits even if they did.

It would be nice to see someone have a decent swing at a professional (or even semi-professional) publication like you describe to cover mainstream comics again.


We had one until recently with Comic Heroes magazine, but it was cancelled (again). I didn’t read it regularly as it was £8 an issue, which is pretty much enough to buy a trade paperback instead.


“It’s the magazine that I’ve been waiting for; intelligent and informed analysis of the comics story-telling process itself along with fascinating creator insights on the craft.” – Dave Gibbons


I miss Wizard.


Wizard was the best thing to happen to comics. I think it’s no surprise that the industry boomed and artists & writers became rock stars around the time it was launched. I couldn’t say which was the chicken and which was the egg, but they fed off each other and it was a huge boost to the industry. I think the same thing happened around 2001 when the internet started to focus more on comics and that helped another boom and new age of stars.

Given the cycle nature you’d think a new comics reporting company will emerge with the next comics boom. Of course it should have been Image but they’re completely hopeless, and I doubt it’ll be the new Jemas company.

There’s lots of good comics review channels, and lots of terrible ones too, but I think people prefer to read rather than watch, and I think discussions help. Maybe it’ll be the future of this place.


Their top ten writers and artists turned me on to a lot of stuff I never would have read. Their interviews were great. The price guide was interesting, and helped me sell a first appearance of Dr Strange that I had found in a closet for 100 bucks, which I promptly spent on all of the Sandman trades. (I was 12 years old, and didn’t take my dad’s advice to keep it.) It’s the only magazine, outside of Rolling Stone, that I ever subscribed to. Their covers were awesome. I would legit buy it again.

EDIT: We should do a monthly top ten writers/artists thing here. No idea how it would work, but it could be fun, and might give a shot in the arm to the discussion of actual comics around here.


Comic’s Buyers Guide wasn’t as sexy and flashy as Wizard (or the clone Hero), but it was a much better print source for actual news. It also had great columnists, and an entertaining letters column.


Back in the day Comics international was my read.


I loved Amazing Heroes until they folded. Then Wizard, too.


It’s not a true dentist office without copies of Warlord, Jonah Hex and Sergeant Rock.


I think the dentist and drills probably made it a true dentist office.


Not in spirit.


RE X-men Xtermination

Holy shit you know what would be really cool

that Young Cable is actually STRYFE

That would certainly help my continuity anxiety



Definitely a mistake that, morally, people probably shouldn’t take advantage of, but if you enter in the code BOGO at checkout, you can get any of this week’s new Marvel comics for free on Comixology.