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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


There’s another Marvel partworks started in the UK, this one all-Deadpool.

I got the cheap first issue, which has Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1-4 and Deadpool Killustrated #1-4, both written by Cullen Bunn.

Some of the Deadpool runs are fairly continuity heavy, so I don’t know well Hachette’s randomly jump around strategy will work for people who plan to read them as they come out. I might pick up some of the Simone or Priest stuff that I haven’t read when they get to it.

The spine art is pretty cool at least:

Edit: That image shows 60 books, but the first one is #64, so…


That could be a pretty cheap investment actually


Actually 80 x 10 of stuff I already have is a little stupid


Wait, this is real and not a joke?


Yup real. And all completely out of order as is hatchets way


I am amazed there is that much published Deadpool material.


Understandable, they were publised after the 70s


Hold on, I’m not just amazed, I flat out don’t believe it. 80 books, each one containing 8 issues, that’s 640 issues for a character only created in 1991. That’s two comics every single month for an unbroken 27-year period.


Edit for a typo because I wrote 17 instead of 27 – the maths still works out at the same mind-boggling total.


This is what happens when a character is popular David.


There have been three new Deadpool comics published just since David’s last post.




I got into work, and there was a brand new 200-page original hardback starring Deadpool under my keyboard


But seriously, has anybody except @RonnieM bought all of them? :wink:


They’re replicating too fast for any one person to own them all.

At this rate, the world will collapse under the weight of Deadpool comics in about a week.


Joking aside, is Deadpool the most popular comics chararacter created since the 1930s? Superman and Batman have obviously sustained two titles a month for longer periods, but the only equivalent modern success I can think of is Wolverine, and I’m not sure if he’s consistently maintained that publishing rate (if you look at only solo titles).


Deadpool is insanely popular, based on a represntative sample of the level of merch my LCS sells, and the number of people I see wearing Deadpool T-shirts and other apparel in Dublin.


Since the 30s? Spiderman has done pretty well on that front.

I don’t think Deadpool has consistently had two titles every month, there are just periods where Marvel release like 6!


He does have two movies. By my reckoning that puts him below Iron Man (they probably both became really popular at a similar time, around 2008).

You can bring up Origins and say that he’s in three movies, but nobody will love you for it.


Didn’t Deadpool say the toy of him from Wolverine Origins was the best superhero ever in the first movie?


It’s kind of amazing, but yeah, it seems like there’s always 2-4 (a lot more on some periods) DP books each month, between on-goings, minis and specials…