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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Did anyone pick up the final issues of Hickman’s Shield? I read it when it first came out but didn’t bother with the subsequent issues. Just wondering if it’s worth my time or just time to move on.


I did and I personally feel that there was a lot more to be said.
Whilst beautiful as a stand alone series it’s lacking.
You don’t get a good sense of a few of the characters and what was originally a ground breaking reinterpretation of the history of the 616 it felt a bit ”oh. Is that it?”

Someone should attempt a third series to give it a bit of closure above and beyond the high concept stuff.



Wow. That’s a great team. Asrar was one of the reasons I picked up the first arc of X-Men: Red. When he left (and I noticed the writing was on the wall with another impending revamp), I dropped the book. I think he and Aaron will be great on the book. Those Ribic covers are pretty amazing too.


Killer team. Aaron was born to write Conan.

Wonder how R-rated they’re going to let him get with the property.


There’s going to be bare breasts on every character, to include Conan.


To be honest I think Conan had some interest in his comics in 1972, mainly because Barry Windsor-Smith is an absolute genius.

Nobody much has cared since.

It’s a very good creative team but really a waste of their time and talent. I doubt it will reach past 12 issues.


Really? It was one of Dark Horse’s staple books until they lost the license recently. I picked it up for a while when it first started up there.

With the right team, I think it could do incredibly well at Marvel especially since it would sit outside of their regular universe and the cycle it tends to go through. It should be a bit more like Star Wars as a standalone property.


Sign me up.


It’s a staple book that maybe sold less than $20k per month. That’s cancellation numbers for Marvel. I agree with Gar, it’s a nice idea but a waste of those talents. My guess is Aaron wanted to write something like Conan, and got the gig in exchange for doing the more mainstream stuff.


It might not last for 12 issues but I plan on buying each one they publish.


You have Spider-Man, The X-Men - all books that have dominated the sales charts for 20-30 years, have only one A-List writer left on the books and give him to Conan who did okay in 1972 and was 6th best at Dark Horse before all their licences were stripped away. .

Good luck.


Fair enough.


Then that is how I shall read it, too.


To be fair, “keep Jason Aaron happy” should be high up Marvel’s priority list right now, although like Azzarello, I’m still not totally convinced Big Two properties is really his cup of tea.


I’m totally in for Aaron’s Conan. That was the dream as soon as I heard that Marvel had the license. Good to see it happen.


I’ve always had a soft spot for comics based on R.E. Howard characters. REH is one of those creators whose license could potentially be lucrative if handled properly. Marvel was out the gate first in the early 70s with Conan, who had his eponymous series, the short-lived GIANT SIZE CONAN, plus KING CONAN and the b&w magazine SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, and various spinoffs starring KING KULL, SOLOMON KANE, and RED SONJA. There was even a second magazine called THE BARBARIANS starring Howard’s non-Conan characters. And I bought every one of those books I could get my hands on.

When Dark Horse revived the franchise, I think they made a great effort to pair Conan with some A-list comics writers, starting with Kurt Busiek and continuing through Brian Wood, Tim Truman and others. Sadly, I think the Age of Conan has already passed.


I think Dark Horse struggled once Busiek left their original title - I like Truman’s storytelling, but it’s too pulpy and lacked widespread appeal.

The Brian Wood run was phenomenal. Really, really good. With a fantastic, modern aesthetic. But, probably ill suited to the Conan hardcore.

After Wood left, they struggled once more, I think, to try and find the middle ground between those two styles. And, for me at least, they failed to do so, satisfying neither party.


Psylocke is no longer in Kwannon’s body, and is back to being white.


Hasn’t this been out for a while?