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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I think it will be Doctor Doom!

…maybe Water Wizard.


It’s not going to stick.


And, in “Was anyone really asking for this?” news:


I’m sure at least one person was.



And this time, the villain stays dead.


You couldn’t type that with a straight face, could you?


I don’t know what “Polygon” is, but their headline writers seem to be people who have never read a Marvel comic before :confused:


Following up on this point, DC has made splashy moves by poaching the Kuberts, JRJr, Finch, etc, from Marvel, but what really sets them apart is how they’ve found and nurtured young talent. Whether it’s Alvaro Martinez, Mikel Janin, Jorge Jimenez, Joelle Jones, Bilquis Evely, people like that, their talent scouting and development this decade has been outstanding.

Has Marvel found anyone like that? I thought that was C.B.‘s whole thing. When I look at new artists at Marvel, half the time they seem to have trouble laying out simple scenes, drawing backgrounds, and doing things like make characters’ arms the same length. Really amateur stuff.

Obviously there are exceptions. Russell Dauterman on Thor, stuff like that. But there’s a lot of really rough stuff too—maybe also a byproduct of publishing more books than you have talent to fill.


I think the problem runs deeper. I was listening to a 2000ad podcast today, a panel with Simon Bisley. They asked him his dream characters to draw and they were all Marvel - Doctor Doom, Namor and Silver Surfer. Now he paints and he’s slow and I could see however amazing those books could be, even when he wants to do them, they’ll never happen because Marvel is now all about churning out volume.

They have no prestige books and haven’t for ages. JR Jr can work on his Superman book with Frank Miller and knock it out of the park, at Marvel he’d be doing random 3 issues runs on various books. Sara Pichelli who’s one of their best talents ended up like that recently, doing bits here and there and impossible to follow.

Their production schedule isn’t defined, they just try and get out as much as they can. DC have plenty of twice monthly books but they seem to plan them well with the arcs, the artwork on Batman has definitely been a draw with Janin, Jones and Weeks rotating.


Ok, I’m playing extreme catch up and am curious - what was this panel about again?


Can we just double or triple facepalm this because one of the most famous Silver Surfer stories is a Moebius graphic novel?


Like I’m going to remember that now?!

I’m sure I said to you at the time


You don’t think the villain they killed off is major?


The most famous modern one is by Esan Ribic, too.


…and Judgement on Gotham is still in print and selling for DC/Rebellion 27 years on.


Marvel had a program to develop artists and had a “boot camp” of sorts. Ryan Stegman went through it. That was a few years ago and I am not sure of their development programs now.

Just looking at previews and flipping through books, the art all seems to just blend together.


It’s more that I’m surprised they imply the Punisher hasn’t made “a mark” before now. I guess he’s spent the last 40 years just treading water, waiting for his big break :confused:

Plus, I’m not a Punisher fan at all but even I can remember him killing Wilson Fisk. Maybe he wasn’t major enough, though.


That article says his last appearance six years ago has him killed and there’s no explanation of how he came back. Part of me hopes this is a recurring thing with this character.


He got better.