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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


On the plus side it’s saving me money


CB’s influence is already here. The lead time at Marvel isn’t that big. He’s got no new ideas, why would he? He’s part of the machine that put Marvel in this hole in the first place.

CB can’t fix Marvel.


The lack of artists is the big thing to me. DC has a pretty nice stable now. When you read Marvel in Unlimited and can dabble in the whole line, what strikes me is how many of the artists aren’t ready for a major Marvel book yet. I see this in the indies as well.

This strikes me as an industry-wide problem. I guess lots of young artists are no longer looking at comics but web stuff, branding/advertising, storyboards, whatever. I have a couple new artists that I like and you do too, but the bullpen is looking very empty these days.



With Marvel there’s always this sense to me:

Well, what are you gonna do, fanboy? Stop buying?

What’s changed is what was previously unimaginable to many has become a damn good idea and they’ve acted on it.


Full credit to DC, they’ve stolen Marvels lunch money and left Marvel with very few superstars. I guess DC saw what they needed to do in order to take back the market, and offered better rates to get the best guys. I wouldn’t want to see how profitable they are, but it’s helped them do much better in the market.

I guess Marvel will have to do the same when they finally admit they have a problem, but it feels like all the superstars are getting old now and what we really need is a new generation. I just don’t see that coming yet. It does look like Gen X are letting go now, which will help. We need a reinvented Marvel. I’m guessing it’ll be after 2020 before it happens though.



I know one name on that list that’ll be sure to piss @Hank off.


The point that they feel the need to “kill” characters is part of Marvel’s problems. It has no impact or meaning anymore. You know they will be brought back eventually. It’s no longer dramatic or shocking. It’s boring and lazy.


Reads list

NOoooooooooooGgrrrraaagh!! sputter



It’s all the same thing again, crossover with character death leading to a relaunch of a line relaunched last year.

Make it weekly so it costs at least $16 a month to follow and has a mish mash of writers and artists. The X-Men are my first love in American comics and that means I always want to be lured back in but this is not going to do it.


This might interest some here…
I used Diamonds’ order history tool to compare order numbers from January 2001 (as far back as their system gives access) to january 2018. I picked 5 titles off the top of my head that I think of as “bread and butter” titles. The first number next to the title is how many I ordered in 2001. the second is how many in january 2018:

Flash 9/9
Batman 18/18
JLA 23/6
Superman 12/6
Wonder Woman 7/5

Pretty consistent - the JLA drop is probably more due to the 2001 run being the Morrison book (I think - could be wrong, but I think he was still doing it then) and I’m back to ordering 2001 numbers on Superman now Bendis is doing it.

Now some Marvels. Same conditions as DC Numbers:

Captain America 16/8
Amazing Spider-Man 18/13
Avengers 25/8
Hulk 11/5
X-Men 42/10*

*the 2018 number is X-Men Red, my highest X book - yes, really.
As you can see, Only Spidey has come close to keeping his numbers. I know others have said it, but if it wasn’t for Star Wars, Marvel would be in an even worse state.

Take from this what you will.


2001 was Morrison’s New X-Men, which could explain those high 2001 numbers, but that doesn’t detract from the point that Marvel has made a cock-up of that franchise.

Always enjoy it when you weigh in, Rob.

EDIT: I apologize, January 2001 wasn’t yet Grant’s run. I forget what it was.


And just to point out how bad things REALLY are at Marvel, here’s the most up to date numbers I have (July 2018)

Flash 11
Batman 22
Superman 12
Wonder Woman 2

As you can see, a steady creap up for most books, with only WW crashing (oh, and the JLA number is atificially low, as I’m not incuding reorders which are almost the same again… I got my original guesstimate a bit wrong!)

Captain America 10
Amazing Spider-Man 14
Avengers 12
Hulk 8
X-Men(red) 7

Again, a slight creap up, which looks good, or it would if 4 out of 5 of those books weren’t still in single digit relaunch numbers… that’s the real telling thing about Marvel right now. Relaunches for no reason do absolutely nothing for sales beyond a small bump on the first 4-6 issues, and I do mean a small bump.


It was during Claremont’s first return to the books. Morrison’s run started a few months later with #114.


JLA was Waid and Hitch



I remember that JLA book being good for at least the first 60-70 issues, but my memory of much past that is hazy… and not just for comics! I might be getting old :slight_smile:


The fact that they are calling it Xmen Disassembled is the problem. I hated Avengers Disassembled so that is a non starter for me. Even for people who liked Avengers Disassembled, the fact that they are reusing a “event” title from FOURTEEN years ago should be concerning.


To follow Secret Wars and Civil War 2.


It doesn’t concern me at all. DC uses ‘Crisis’ in the titles for many of its bigger events…the name indicates a huge story, probably cosmic in scope, with continuity impact. I look at ‘Disassembled’ in the same way. The name indicates a bit of house cleaning, probably a few deaths, and a setup for the next few years’ of storylines. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Avengers Disassembled story, but I liked the resulting big status quo shift and new direction, and I dug the plan for it, if not the execution.


I get the crisis thing; it makes sense for DC. “Disassembled” makes sense for Avengers given their rallying cry but comes across as reheated, week old leftovers for X-Men.


And in further Marvel death news:

The full headline:

The Punisher #1 makes a mark on the Marvel universe by killing a major supervillain