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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Hugely but you can actually see the very fast learning curve from Ross during that series (and I know he’s not a novelist by background but had written many prose articles and zero comics). The last issue has mostly dispensed with the 25 word balloons per panel and by America’s Got Powers it’s pretty much gone.

I haven’t kept up yet but have heard similar things about Coates’s work at Marvel.


YESSSSS!!! Eight year old me is living for this!!!


Did Claremont ever get the gist? :wink:


Claremont gets a lot of crap, but I honestly think if you handed your average 12 year old a Claremont X-Men comic (or even New Mutants or Excalibur) they’d be able to follow it better than a current single issue. I think he’s a very good writer whose work we enjoy less the more we read of it because he regularly writes for the new reader.


It’s a different era and really Claremont isn’t unique, everyone wrote like that, Jim Shooter, Roger Stern, Marv Wolfman, it’s just his work is more revisited.

If you do read it back you do tend to find a lot of the verbosity is that ‘new reader’ stuff. Reading the Omnibus stuff to my kids I did skip over some of the repetitive dialogue that restates the powers of the characters or their motivations because we’re reading several in a row.

I know Ronnie is teasing anyway but even then it’s not quite the same.


Bozhe moi!


We should have a “post like how Chris Claremont writes” day.


We can base it on his rare silent panels. :smile:


Then, this can make for a good primer:


That would use up the sum totality of our linguistic powers


The Solicitations for November 2018 thread:

Solicitations for November 2018 (w/ Previews Text)

Marvel has two events running concurrently, Spider-Geddon and Infinity Wars. They each have a bunch of ancillary miniseries and one shots but at least regular titles aren’t being disrupted.

On the whole though, Marvel still seems like a complete mess.


You forgot Extinction or whatever it is. That is leading up to the relaunch of Uncanny X-Men months after they launched the Gold, Blue, Red books. They need to know now these are jumping off points. Why bother reading those comics when it’s all being restarted again?

They used to be able to claim their events sold huge numbers but now they don’t, Tom King telling a story of Bruce and Clark at the county fair stomps all over them. Marvel need a massive rethink.


IMO, Infinity Wars is doing a good job at retaining its influence to Cosmic Marvel and Spider geddon is keeping it contained to Spider-Man. They have given up on universal cointinuity, I believe. Reading the previews makes me think Extinction is going turn into an X-men version of Avengers no surrender, which is something I now regret investing in, so i will stay far away from it.

Red seems to be ignoring Extinction as it is still following the C. Nova storyline, so i will keep reading it. the other X men books i have been and will continue to ignore. I am somewhat amazed by Marvel. At DC, I am big into the team books, Justice League and Titans are among my favorites, but Marvel has turned me off of both Avengers and Xmen.


Looking at Marvel’s latest solicits, one thing is clear:

Star Wars continues to save their arse.


It looks like Marvel is trying to make their events self contained: Main book with side miniseries and one-shots. You could probably just read the main book and skip everything else if you wanted. They are not tying into regular monthly series.

Still, looking over their entire line, it still feels like it lacks focus. Maybe a lot of this stuff are the last remnants of the Axel Alonso era. Once it all clears out, Cebulski’s influence can truly be felt.


To be fair they’ve mostly done that for a while. Not too many of their events absolutely require you to read the whole line.

I think the issues are deeper than that in that nobody cares as they’ve run this sequence for way too long. My main issue is with the change of direction that changes before anyone delves into why it could be interesting and I think that dates back to Dark Avengers 9 years ago. Shock new status quo, lasts 9 issues, forget about it we have a new shock status quo. Rinse, lather, repeat.

If you like it or not Tom King has said he’s been given 100 issues to tell his Batman story. Marvel comics don’t get past 12 and we have to reboot the book or idea. It’s why mostly what I read from them now is the finite fringe stuff that’s left alone (until it gets cancelled).


Infinity Countdown/Wars is basically using the same model that they used for the Annihilation events, soooo… I’m not gonna complain too much about that one.


Ha, indeed! Howard the Duck, Hellcat, Gwenpool etc


Seriously, Who is buying that Uncanny XMen relaunch?

You relaunch a title like that you need to be giving it the creators needed to attract some attention. It’s just the same guys who have been writing middling stories at Marvel for the past year or two.

On the other hand, DC relaunch Green Lantern and have Grant Morrison come back with a completely different take on the book.

Justice League brings in the heavy hitters in Snyder and one of their brightest newer talents in James Tynion V

Batman gets the hottest writer in comics just now, Tom King on board for a 100 issue epic

Superman and Action has a rejuvenated Bendis

G Willow Wilson is coming in to take over Wonder Woman.

Joelle Jones picks up Catwoman as writer artist and knocks it out the park.

All accompanied by top tier artists.

Plus they have given a bunch of top creators freedom on the Black label books to do more or less what they want.

The comics division of DC are treating their properties with respect and love which by extension rubs off on the readers.

Marvel by contrast make it seem like they don’t care, guess how that looks to most fans? If you don’t care about your own characters how can you expect anyone else to. They seem to be going through the motions.

I’m not for a moment suggesting that these guys don’t love their characters and are not passionate about their comics but it really does feel like that. Either that or they just don’t know what they are doing.

I know it’s easy being armchair quarterback, but there’s people on this forum who could probably get together and do a better job of the comics division at Marvel right now. It makes no sense.