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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I’d rather it’s on art than scripts. Byrne did some Buffy/Angel work a couple of years back and it was some of his best stuff. Super detailed, in comparison to his latter day Marvel and DC work which seemed rather slapdash.


Given a lot of his comments on his message board (many of which have been reported on in the past) and some of the conversation/response on Twitter, he’d be an instant controversy for Marvel.


What the hell is Marvel doing looking backwards like this? Is every other famous creator no longer willing to work with them? They should be all about new talent, new ideas.

CB seems like a nice guy but I think he’s lost in this job. I can’t see him lasting.


I mean, I get it. Some of DC’s post-New 52 success stemmed from a deliberately retro approach. But I do wonder if the 10-20k in sales will be worth the potential PR headache.


It’s sad we now live in a world governed by whether or not a small number of people with big mouths are going to kick off on twitter or not

The only thing that should matter here is whether they think Byrne has something to bring to the table


Is it? I mean, Richard Spencer could be like the next Jack Kirby and Marvel would lose my money if they hired him, and they’d know why they’re losing it.


Yeah it is

Surrounded by hatred every day and it’s now influencing my escapism as well

Fuckin sick to death of this pish

I don’t even like Byrne but I’ll buy 2 copies out of spite

Your comparison with Richard Spencer is ridiculous by the way.

It would be different if Byrne hadn’t been once of the most influential comic book creators of all time


Political content has been in superhero comics literally since day 1. You just haven’t disagreed with it significantly until now.


I have no issue with political content in comics - I’ve read 2000ad my entire life for it


My point is that you’re seeing a political aspect you disagree with. You wouldn’t read 2000AD if you didn’t agree with it.


This goes beyond politics for me Lorcan

I don’t consider a bunch of kids tearing everyone that has said something they don’t like down on social media ‘ politics’

I’ve been anti right wing all my days, now I’ve been pushed anti left wing. I don’t think I’m alone either.


I don’t know the details of Byrne’s controversial comments, although I’ve seen a bit of egotistical and grumpy-old-man stuff from him over the years that you could probably find from most creators of his generation.

Regardless, he’s an artist with a substantial fanbase and profile and I think he’d bring a fair amount of attention to any Marvel book he worked on.

But my initial reaction to the news was similar to Jim’s - it seems a bit backwards-looking.

Having said that, I think there will always be a place for older creators with a profile like Byrne’s to keep putting out work for their fans. As long as it’s not indicative of a wider ‘throwback’ mentality for Marvel, I don’t think it hurts to have some of the old guard on board.


How is you saying that about people who don’t like John Byrne any different from people saying they don’t like John Byrne?


Because I’m not trying to do those people out of a job


Is anyone actually trying to do him out of a job, or are they just complaining?

Furthermore, are people required to buy Byrne’s comics? I mean, I’m not going to buy them, am I then doing him out of job?


John Byrne has always outspoken and somewhat controversial. It didn’t matter until his star began to wane.

I agree with Gar that some of his recent stuff has been very good. I don’t see him coming back to Marvel though. Too many bridges burned, he’s old and jaded about the state of the industry, and seems content living nicely off of royalties and commissions. If he were interested, the headline would have been that he’s coming back, not that they reached out.


It would indeed be a backwards move for both parties, and thus I don’t see much interest (from them or from readers), but if he were to come back I wouldn’t mind seeing him take Alpha Flight for one last spin.


“A bunch of kids” - I’m pretty sure I’m older than you are.


Not a comparison to Spencer. I used him as an example to see where the “politics don’t matter” line is.


That being the case it is worth thinking about who is amplifying the voice of the extreme minority on the left and what they have to gain by swinging people like you from anti-right to anti-left.