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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Enh, somehow I don’t think Feige is going to take hints from ScreenRant. :slight_smile:


I don’t know if they’re what the MCU needs, but this book is what the X-Line has needed for a while. Even though the writing is a bit too slick at times, this feels like down-on-their-luck X-Men, kind of Outback era. It’s probably no mistake that three of the team members come from that era. I love it so far.


I’ve just read Cosmic Ghost Rider 1 and 2. Man, this book is great! I am however confused by the inside cover blurb. Did all this stuff actually happen and if so is it worth reading? (And where would I find it)


That looks properly insane.


I think it must not be in regular continuity.


donny cates run on Thanos.
Thanos Wins
Thanos #13-17 or 18


I don’t think that stuff happened

I thought the same thing when I read all that

I thought the idea of the comic was a lot better that it’s execution, I’m less and less convinced by Donnie Cates the more I read of his


Issue 2 is better than 1 for what it’s worth.


Take it for what it is.
Some batshit crazy fun putting familiar characters into unfamiliar places and creating interesting character moments you wouldn’t normally get.



As Mark pointed out, You get some flashbacks in Thanos… but it’s mostly covered in the first pages of CGR#1… I’m assuming that blurb is from #2 =P


Also in 1


Ah yeah, there’s a shorter blurb in 1… anyways, yeah you can see some flashbacks ine on of the Thanos issues, but not that much, tbh… It’s well resumed in the first pages of CGR1.


So to be clear, this is frank castle driving through space as host rider, with baby Thanos in a carrier on his chest.

Sounds bonkers


Punisher: The Platoon is a masterpiece. That’s not hyperbole. It’s an amazing, heartfelt, and thoroughly engrossing look at Frank Castle’s first tour in the Vietnam War. The brothers in arms camaraderie; the hopelessness of the war; the innate goodness of Castle, and the events that set him on the path to his eventual destiny. It’s a stunning piece of work. Read this now.


Yeah Punisher Platoon was a really good read. I do stand by my opinion that if you’ve read one Ennis war comic you’ve read them all though.


That’s probably fair. But, when they are this good? Who cares!


To be more precise, that’s a thousands of years old Frank Castle who made a deal with the devil (so he’s got the rider inside), then with Galactus (and he has the power cosmic inside), then with Thanos (who knows what he put inside =P), died multiple times, is the only survivor form the human race, and has quite possibly gone completely mad… so yeah, bonkers is probably a good word for it :smile:


Can you expand on this?

Because I’ve read them all and I don’t know where you are coming In any way whatsoever

The Night Witches is completely different from Dear Billy which is different from Johnny Red which is different from Fury My War Gone By which is different from Castles in the Sky which is different from The Platoon - in fact i see no connection other than they are all character driven war stories.

What are you talking about?


Correct, can’t think of two stories as far apart.