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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I’ve only read Squadron Sinister and that was almost entirely self-contained, beyond the whole Battleworld premise.


Lilandra would have been kinder if she gave the clone some hair.


They’re all mostly self contained. I loved a lot of the X-Books Dennis Hopeless wrote. Inferno was one of the best.


She liked ‘em bald. :wink:


Rob Liefeld posted this earlier today on Instagram. Click through to read his entire post.



So a Legion series I’ve never heard about has just popped up on Marvel Unlimited, by Peter Milligan and Wilfredo Torres no less. I guess the fact I haven’t heard much about it suggests it hasn’t been great, but did anyone read it? I usually try at least the first issue of anything Milligan writes.



It was pretty good. I think it was originally published as X-Men Legacy: Legion, IIRC.


I read the first issue, I was a bit disappointed.

I’m a really big fan of Milligan and I thought Legion would be a perfect vehicle for him, but maybe I was expecting too much on the analysis of the human psyche, ego and id side of things from him.

I do intend to read it all at some point, just for completion sake.


As am I but I think even his fans have to admit his work can be very variable, outside of X-Statics I can’t really recommend anything he did at Marvel.


Rob Liefeld always seems like a really nice guy :slight_smile:


The times I’ve met him he has been. He’s also a huge cheerleader for the industry.


I have to admit I was a contributor to the Rob Liefield thread way back when I was a MW noob. I realize now it was wrong but I said some negative things about him. He responded to one of my posts by slamming the Denver Nuggets(I lived in Denver at that time, Kobe was not liked in Colorado and i believe Rob is a Lakers fan). It was a strange non-sequitur post for a comics thread(also the Nuggets were 4th on my list of favorite Denver teams) and it stuck in my data bank of strange happenings and slights I have received. With all the goodwill people have been attributing to him i am letting go of that slight. It is still a strange happening though.


I’ve always liked Rob’s art style. He has this energy in his artwork that many artists don’t have.


Rob was amazing. I don’t think there’s been as exciting an artist since him to be honest. His pages are incredible. I hate the geek backlash, my guess is it’s spillover from the speculation bust.


His Twitter feed is probably the most positive on the platform. He’s always excited about new projects by him and others and it’s quite refreshing as it can often be a morass of negativity.


He does Instagram Stories where it always looks like he’s so excited about whatever comic thing he’s talking about that he’s going to have a heart attack.


He has a lot of fun with Deadpool stuff.


Are they, though? Really?