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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!



He’s an X-Man and a Marvel character. Of course he’s coming back at some point.


Good, because “Cyclops was right” dammit!


In a way it’s good that give so little a fuck about this event that I’m happily clicking on spoiler links and that 2 secs of effort is about the right amount to expend on it.


Honestly guys it’s pretty obvious that his son time traveled and swapped out his fathers body with an alternate reality corpse and placed him in the future where there wouldn’t be any ramifications for the present as the inhumans v X-Men conflict needed to happen to disperse the terrigen cloud. And Scott being Scott decided to come back and fiddle with the present hense Extermination series.
Honestly Scott just can’t help himself.


And why is Hulkverine still a thing?




Something not so dated. :wink:



The problem is they’ll just bring him back a few years later.


The big problem for Marvel is, like Cap, Magneto is very closely tied to WW2 in origin. For other characters they can fudge around with the timeline, not so much these two.


He’s been resurrected and de-aged a bunch though. It’s canon that when he came back from being a baby early in the Claremont run, he was left a few decades younger.


Oh yeah, there is that. Out of curiosity, what’s the fix for Cap?

I liked what they did with Magneto in the Decimation era, once that plot got resolved the mutants returned to their default of eternal infighting.


For Cap, they keep moving forward when he is defrosted.

Magneto has been de-aged, and re-aged to his prime.

Lilandra transferred Charles into a younger cloned body that was re-crippled by the Shadow King.

Both aren’t old.


He’s always only been unfrozen at the start of the heroic age after Spidey, the FF, etc, have all started their careers. He was originally frozen for 20 years, now it’s around 60.


This sounds so fucked up. (I know its accurate.)


Is there a defined reading order for the battle worlds line of books? It ties into Secret Wars I take it? If I wanted to read everything with tie ins what is the best order?





Actually none of the battleworld books tie into secret wars. Imagine them as a series of stand alone elseworld tales.


Elseworld tales that waste pages that they can’t afford to talk about whatever is happening in Secret Wars.
Or, at least, that’s what happened in Old Man Logan. The only one that I read. High hopes, mostly unfulfilled.