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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


For a while now the gold at Marvel has been found on the fringes mostly. Which is okay really for me who agrees with the Eisners that Black Bolt and Vision were great but they probably need the early 2000s balls to put these people on the core books and give it a spin.


Could we get
Jason Aaron on Alpha flight (get into them Canadian myths and nooks)
G. Willow Wilson on New Mutants (with the film coning out)


I’d be up for either but it’s not really putting untested creators on the big books.


Well looking at the list, if you buy:

Aaron’s Thor
Aaron’s Avengers
Slott’s Iron Man
Slott’s Fantastic Four
Ewing’s Hulk
Spencer’s Spidey
Shuri #1 (hopefully!)
Lemire’s Sentry
Soule’s Daredevil
Coates’ Black Panther
Waid’s Doctor Strange
Bemis’ Moon Knight
North’s Squirrel Girl
Wilson’s Ms. Marvel
Simone’s Domino

You’ve probably got a pretty nice stack of comics.

But there are 25 books that are either the Spider-Man event, the cosmic event, What If, and X-Men: Black. 25 in one month!


I’m kinda looking forward to the cosmic event =P

The team behind it seems capable. Also: Cosmic Ghost Rider could be VEEERY good… it could also blow chunks… I’ll wait for a couple more issues before issuing my official “meh” or “yay” :smile:


I was into Cosmic Ghost Rider back when it was called Silver Surfer.



I respectfully disagree.


Oh no!

I thought it started out flat and fell behind but I heard it got better…


It works great read in big chunks. I need to get the HC collecting the first twelve issues.




What, again?


Your statement can be applied to just about any Marvel character death.


Yeah, but on the cosmic line, this one is particularly funny.


I can’t believe they killed Wolverine so soon after resurrecting him. :wink:


They’re going to have a four issue mini series reintroducing him next year. It’ll have a zero issue, an Alpha issue and an Omega issue. Plus eighteen tie-in minis, each with six variant covers. And it will lead into Marvel’s next event, Infinity Bullshit.


Don’t forget the digital-exclusive special that will only be reprinted in one version of the oversized hardcover, limited to 8 copies.


You HAD to remind me about those Avengers vs X-Men Infinite comics, really?


I didn’t know they’d actually done this.


Heh heh, for that event they made 3 digital animated comics, and they included a printed version only in the oversized hardcover, not the regular tpb :wink: