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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


A new Jessica Jones limited series by writer Kelly Thompson and artist Mattia de Iulis has launched Wednesday as a digital-first - and is part of a formalized line of digital comics from Marvel dubbed Marvel Digital Originals (MDO). First reported by IGN, the titles are available now on both comiXology and Marvel Unlimited - with plans for a print edition after the series concludes.


Marvel should really try and surprise us and do something to sort their house out.

Flicking thru this months marvel previews and it’s as big a mess as it’s always been with tie ins and far too many comics


Not going to happen under CB’s watch. Marvel need new blood and energy desperately but that’s not their current culture.


I would think they would at least try harder to hold on to the creators they have. They’ve been bleeding former mainstay and up and coming talent for months without much to replace them.


The problem with Marvel was shown with the flashback to the Chuck Austen X-Men recently. The Jemas/Quesada era had some amazing books and some bloody awful ones, really terrible.

They lack boldness now, I read a lot on Unlimited as it’s essentially free past 2 books and they are all very capable books, well written and drawn. I don’t read them all of course but I can’t remember the last crap Marvel comic I read but equally it’s hard to point out a great one you have to read.

The Vision is the last I would say was a ‘must read’, that was over a year ago and the writer signed an exclusive at DC.


The whole “Return of Wolverine” is just insane.

There were four or five miniseries at $3.99 an issue now being followed by another miniseries at $4.99 per issue. After which, you know they will launch a monthly series with a first issue having what I’m sure will be a stupid level of variant covers.

This is just ridiculous.


Your really going to hate this.

Wolverine’s Surprise Return

Marvel Legacy #1

Where is Wolverine “Post-Credits” Teasers


Captain America #697

Mighty Thor #703

Amazing Spider-Man #794


Marvel 2-In-One #3

Black Panther #170

Avengers #680


Incredible Hulk #714

X-Men Red #2

Invincible Iron Man #598


The Hunt for Wolverine #1

Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost
#1 to #4

Hunt for Wolverine: The Adamantium Agenda
#1 to #4

Hunt for Wolverine: Claws of the Killer
#1 to #4

Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor
#1 to #4


The Return of Wolverine 5 issues


Sign up for Unlimited. I pay $6 a month with an annual sub to read however many comics I want. Suddenly cover prices and crossovers don’t matter much.


I no longer have any interest in reading their books. Hell, I still have some huge stacks of books I have yet to read.

The price was more for illustrative purposes.


It’s a fair point and it may just be our little group but I do notice how in the New Comics Thread almost nobody comments on Marvel comics any more. There is the odd one or two on X-Men Red or Multiple Man but the majority are on DC, Image and Dark Horse.


I’m lazy and usually comment here about them.
With the exception of Cable and X-Men Red, the rest of the x books are forgettable.

I have found the new Cap, Black Panther, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-man and Hulk to be very good starts.
Runaways is consistently entertaining.

“Countdown to infinity” kind of lost its steam at the end but was pretty good.

Overall I would say Marvels producing some really good content.


The Hunt Concludes August 2018

See you in September.


But September of what year? :wink:


I would say they’ve had a few runs for the ages in the past 5 or so years, meaning books that can stand on the shelf next to anything. The Vision, Lemire’s Moon Knight, Hickman’s Secret War, the Thor God Killer arc. That’s not too bad. I’m sure I’m forgetting one too.

There are some longer runs of late that have been strong as well. Deadpool, Spidey, stuff like that. I like Soule’s Daredevil a lot, I know others like Ms. Marvel a lot.

I do think they put out more crap books than you, however. I see a lot of generic dross coming from them.


Joe Kelly and Ed McGuiness’ Spider-Man/ Deadpool run was superb.


Bendis and Marquez’ Defenders was awesome.

Waid and Samnee’s Black Widow, and Captain America (to a lesser degree).


Well like I said they put out loads of books, sometimes 80 a month. I’m never reading that, nobody does. The ones I do read, maybe a dozen or so, are all pretty good. Some are great but none are truly terrible like the early 2000s era but time is an element.

Also God Killer was actually 5 and a half years ago (January 2013). Hickman hasn’t been on the credits of a Marvel comic for 2 and half years.


Like all time classics though? I don’t know.

I did almost say Black Widow but I was trying to think of things that everyone raved about.


OOOOOOO S.H.I.E.L.D #5 and #6 released May and June by Hickman :sunglasses:

Check and Mate.


And an OHC of that second half to complete the series is inbound.