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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


The artist did the current Lockjaw mini which looked nice:


He does. It was a brief window when Marvel offered participation cash for new characters. It’s part of why he’s so engaged in promoting the likes of Deadpool and X-Force when later or earlier creators aren’t that bothered. Millar and Bendis get no money for the Ultimate ideas that are used but Liefeld does for his X-Force area stuff.


It’s also (allegedly) why Deadpool and Cable were relaunched as Agent X and Soldier X(?) at one point.


Would you sell me on Shatterstar? I only recall New Mutants 87+ and that shiz, but he seemed like a longshot rip of with a Liefeld sword. Totes cool at the time but, what makes him interesting now?


He’s gay (or bi). That’s about the only thing I can think of.


I never got what was up with that headgear.

Is it so he doesn’t hurt his head when he trips or bumps into something?


Posting this here too:


Less interested in the Shatterstar title than the news that Seeley is no longer DC exclusive.

Wonder if this means he is stopping his DC work altogether?



Dikto, man. 90 is a good age. With the joy he brought people I hope there was joy in his life too.

  • Judge Pro Tem Ruth Kleman, citing the lack of clarity about Lee’s legal representation, dismissed the request for a permanent restraining order without prejudice — meaning it could be refiled at any time.


Yeah, this is a right mess. I thought at first someone was going to file for a conservatorship; but that would have happened in Division 61, not Superior Court. This is much more intense with a couple dozen legal matters I could pick up in just the initial complaints. What we have here are buzzards!


It’s boxing headgear.


He’s connected to Longshot in some way. At one point it was strongly insinuated that Shatterstar was Longshot and Dazzler’s son. I’m not sure if that story was ever fleshed out. (Edit: Just read up on it a bit and it was tied up as some weird ass I’m my own grandpa bullshit. Some things should just stay a mystery.)

New Mutants #100 was one of the first comics I ever picked up. That double page spread, Frank Miller homage where he stabs through himself to kill the guy holding him was like nothing I’d seen at the time. He’s a gladiator from another world and possibly the future (again best left a mystery in my mind). I’m not even sure if he’s still the same character. I just really have a soft spot for him especially in that X-Force team.



More on this:


Just a little by the by, I was checking the last 2 issues of Avengers, and it’s kind of misleading BS that they put McGuniness’ name in the cover and credits when he basically draws about 7 pages on 2 issues or so (only 2 pages in issue 4)… =/

It’s even more disappointing than Cheung only doing one JL issue… u_u

Ona happier note though, Cosmic Ghost Rider looks like it’s gonna be a glorious wacky ride… I really enjoyed the 1st issue. :+1:


I don’t know about McGuinness but Cheung is supposed to be back on Justice League later. I think it was a good idea to get him on the launch issue and bring him back for a later arc to give him time to bank issues. It sounds like they’re continuing to “platoon” artists as they did through most of the Rebirth runs.


Dilemma. Cheung’s presence makes me not want to read it whereas Jimenez makes it a must buy!


From what I’ve read he’s only back for one issue to close out the arc.

I actually like them both so happy either way.