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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!





Comixology have a sale on Al Ewing’s Marvel stuff this weekend:

I’ll definitely recommend his Rocket mini-series.


Seconded. I recently read it due to all the positive comments here and it did not disappoint.


I tell you I’ve met Al a few times and he is honestly a contender for nicest chap in comics. I hope marvel continue to build his profile and give him a chance to really shine. His Ultimates was terrific also.



If that’s still on today I’m going to pick up Rocket and any of the other books of his I stopped buying due to crossovers. I might even get the inhamans one.


Unfortunately it appears the Ewing sale has finished

There is a Jeff Lemire Image sale though, for anyone who has not read Royal City, I highly recommend it.


I’ve been reading Rocket and Royals on Marvel Unlimited and they are good, crossover free helps a lot.





It’s that age-old philosophical question: if an Inhuman falls in a comic and there is no-one around to read it, are they still dead?




Moot point. In Marvel they’re not dead even if the whole world reads it.


More Marvel death news:


A Shatterstar book intrigues me as it seems Tim Seeley and I have a similar first experience with the character. However, he seems like more of an outlandish, balls to the wall action character than a “hardboiled noir” character. I kind of wish they would go back to the old costume though. It could be an interesting take though. The art will probably be what sells me.


It could be an interesting take, but it won’t beat shredding him with a helicopter.


I love Shatterstar as a character. So I really should be more pissed about that scene but it was so funny and fit the film so well that I can’t be. :wink:


I wonder if rob gets a percentage from the book.
I recall that he still gets a piece of Deadpool and Cable books or something along that line.
Regardless I’m keen to see how this plays out and if Seeley acknowledges some of the developments to the character that took place in Peter David’s x-factor run.

Will wait to see what the interior art looks like before throwing cash at it