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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Reminds me of this


I hope the only thing this power is used for is making insta-toast from freshly baked loaves of bread. If that’s the direction they take then I’ll fully approve of this move.


I just don’t want to find out Logan is also capable of making shish-kebab.


I love the Screenrant pitch meetings. The Jurassic World one is still the best though.


first thing I thought too… “what is the point???”

Also, let’s not forget that Wolverine got his “secondary mutation” (of sorts) a very loooong time ago, when they revealed the claws were actually his (initially, his actual mutant ability was the healing factor, the claws were supposed to have been put there by the weapon X program).

Eh in the end these heated claws will go the way of Spider-man’s weird wrist spikes… meaning: away.


If you ever misplace your gloves in the winter you’ll wish you had hot claws.


Well if I had hot claws, I’d assume that’s how I ended up “misplacing” my gloves in the first place…

But also, no I don’t :smile:




Oh… alright then… not soon enough.

Although I gotta say, they missed a beat by not exploring what became of that Alt-timeline from which they were removed… instead of the many un-interesting stuff they did… u_u


go read current Thor. Logan is the Phoenix in that book.





I’m doing a big Aaron Thor run read. I read that first God Butcher arc as it came out wasn’t that impressed but I’m always willing to give things a second chance and my buddy has lent me all the trades. I’ll give my verdict when I finish it all but in the meantime I opened up Thor Godess of Thunder vol 1 and found out Thor couldn’t lift his hammer.

I figured I needed to read Original Sin to find out what happened so that’s what I did. Whoa, what a pile of junk. This must surely be one of the worst Marvel events of recent years. Even as I finished the book, I still didn’t understand why Fury killed The Watcher and why was Orb in it other than just being stupid? To top it off, Thor featured for about 3 pages total. Nice art by Deodato though.


Original Sin was a terrible crossiver, not worth buying at all. The Aaron Thor stuff is great but if you didn’t like God Butcher I doubt you’ll like the rest - it’s one of the high points in my opinion.


God Butcher is one of the best books Marvel has put out in the last 10 years, so yeah…the Thor run does not get better from there.


It’s Bobby, we know by now his seal of approval means it’s probably terrible. :smile:

God Butcher is awesome.


As a fan of the old Amalgam comics, this looks like it could be fun.


Not sure that’s entirely accurate. If I dislike it, sure most will love it but if I like it, I think others do to. I just set the bar higher than most for what I deem good/great.