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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


“Make him like Wolverine, but more proactive!”


Best explanation for the idea that Wolverine’s claws needed something extra.


Sooo … the Electric Wolverine?

Wolverine Red and Wolverine Blue?

… deja flippin’ vu …

“Wolverine Red and Wolverine Blue
Doin’ the Electric Boogaloo…”


Aside from being completely erroneous, wouldn’t heating up the claws actually just make them structurally weaker and more prone to get dull? Heating it up will just make the metal softer…


No, adamantium doesn’t weaken when heated.


When I heat up I certainly don’t get softer.


Heard that one coming all the way around the planet.


We haven’t even talked about how he could toast bread as he slices the loaf!!!
Good lord the cross brand promotion opportunity is limitless!!

Wolvie Pretoasted Wonder-bread!
Sliced Logan Loaf!!



Wouldn’t any wound he makes will be instantly cauterized? Thus making the claws less lethal? :confused:


After all this, they turn him into a toaster oven?


There’s moments when I don’t think Marvel can dig themselves out of their creative hole. You always assume it’ll happen some day, but with every passing season it looks less and less likely.


Advantage of heated claws: Burns the blood of his victims right off to keep the claws extra clean!


Okay, a self-cleaning toaster oven.



From: Lucasfilm Limited
To: Marvel Comics

Heated claws sound a bit too close to lightsabers, with cauterised wounds - cease and desist.


I mean someone approved this idea. Someone pitched it, it was bounced off a handful of people, and someone in a role of importance said ‘yup, hot claws, that’s the fresh kind of idea we need to make Marvel great again.’

It’s hard to comprehend.


Hot Claws will be the next Dark Phoenix Saga, you read it here first.

Hot! Claws!


Hot Claws sounds like the title of a Christmas themed porno.


Hot Claws sounds like a bad Rod Stewart cover.



Tell me, what does the phrase Hot Claws mean to you?


Hot clause sounds like something written into your contract with satan.