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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Really? He inked himself a lot of the time. I think it’s all part of the character of his work, that slightly jagged awkward angular look.


It does kinda show at times. Having said this, I’ve gone to find examples of the poor inking that I immediately think of when I think of Ditko’s Spider-Man and can only find bits that are perfectly well inked, so… shrug


It may be that some of the reproduction in the reprints you’ve seen in the past has left a lot to be desired. Even until relatively recently, a lot of those early ASM issues featured fairly poor reproductions of the original linework that left some sections thin or lacking in detail.

The Masterworks programme has done a lot of good work in restoring these early issues to their full glory.


I think I would have:

  1. Romita Sr.
  2. McFarlane
  3. Ditko
  4. Romita Jr.
  5. Zeck
  6. Kane
  7. Buscema
  8. Larsen
  9. Andru
  10. Frenz

Never loved Bagley’s Spidey and have never seen it with Ramos, period. I would say Dodson, Deodato, and Martin are my favorites of the modern artists who didn’t do a ton of issues (although Deodato had a nice run and would be #11 on my list).


Dodson is a good shout for a modern Spidey artist. I like Martin and I also really liked the work Javier Pulido did with the character.


A few names that no one has mentioned: Mark Buckingham; Chris Bachalo; Adam Kubert; Es McGuiness.



Wow, I never figured that Marvel’d be so unpopular. :hushed::hushed::hushed:

If you go to poll results, you may start to think Marvel is the worst publisher on the planet.


That websites trash and the article writer is a fuckwit. It cherry picks items to form its own biased narrative and takes what’s meant to be an honest attempt to make the products as broadly appealing as possible and twists them into some perverse victimization. Then all the readers jerk themselves into a frenzy over imagined slights.

Low effort shit like that doesn’t belong here.


Well, I don’t pay much attention on the site credibility; if there is something about comics, I am all for it. So it’s easier to fool me.
I am surprised at the poll results and comments below corroborate it with much maligned, hater words.


Are you really? A site that’s skewed towards serving the alpha-bro “no diversity” segment of the comics community asks its reader whether they support Marvel in the middle of a scare article saying they’re focusing on everything these people hate?


Which isn’t even taking into account that when you have a mobilised following on social media it’s painfully easy to rig a poll.


Well, anyone can give their vote. Why would Marvel haters only participated?

To be honest, Marvel is doing so-so right now. There are good issues, there are those not so good. It’s no secret I hated Spencer’s Cap (who wields Mjolnir wtf?), female Thor (where Thor is defined by male characteristics), or Waid’s own obsession with Trump in his Captain America run. But, these are not the only licensed properties Marvel possess that creators twisted badly. Captain Marvel is welcome, for instance. Or Miles Morales, despite the fact that Peter will remain the only true Spiderman.


Aaron’s Thor has been fantastic. The idea that whoever wields mjlinor must be “defined by male characteristics” is…well, wrong. Besides, Thor Odinson was still around for Jane Foster’s entire tenure as Thor, being all masculine and whatnot.


Toxically so in fact.


Because a) the site is catered towards people already predisposed to hate Marvel for the reasons the article stirs up and b) the site requires you to provide an email address and join their mailing list to vote, which I can’t imagine many people who have been referred there like those of us who read it from your link, are particularly predisposed to do.

  • It is easy to rig an online poll.
  • It is hard to rig an online poll.

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  • It is easy to rig an online poll
  • It isn’t hard to rig an online poll

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I’m a big fan of Aaron’t Thor run. its the best Thor I have read by miles and miles.