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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Looks like Runaways are coming back, possibly with Kris Anka on art:


I listen to iFanboy’s reviews each week and they seem to concur.

There does seem to be a gap between the well received and high selling books that has appeared. To a degree there has always been an element of that but the two often combined. Think New X-Men or Ultimates or Winter Soldier era Cap, great reviews, great sales, award noms.

What are the odds on Secret Empire or X-Men Gold being up for any Eisners? Pretty slim I’d imagine.



They need the right writer on that book, I hope they put a bit of thought into it because launching with the wrong creative team will see it cancelled pretty quick.


Marvel’s August solicits are up in all the usual spots, and collected in the Solicitations for August thread.

Solicitations for August 2017 (w/Previews Text)

So Generations are time travel stories according to august Solicts, … PASS


What did you think they were?


the return of the legacy heroes.


That’s Legacy.


They lured you in. :wink:


that’s a fake laugh


What about now? :wink:


That’s the realist laugh in the history of laughs.


Hey, at least it’s not an entire miniseries of the real Captain Marvel returning, only to reveal it was a Skrull all along at the end.


Why must Marvel tease me?


The Atlantic has a great article on the recent Marvel downturn: The Real Reasons for Marvel Comics’ Woes. Spoiler alert: Marvel is its own worst enemy and needs to change their way of thinking or hemorrhage even more readers.


They raised a point I mentioned before:

In 2013, for example, the writer Al Ewing began working on Mighty Avengers, focusing on a team of community-oriented superheroes led by Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Fourteen issues later, Marvel relaunched it with a new #1 as Captain America and the Mighty Avengers, then canceled it nine issues in. In 2015, Ewing began writing both New Avengers and Ultimates, which followed characters from Mighty Avengers. Marvel relaunched both a year later—again with new #1s—as Ultimates 2 and USAvengers. Sound complicated? It gets worse: The 2013 Mighty Avengers was the third series to use the title; the 2015 Ultimates was the seventh. Both are unrelated to previous series. Such a publishing scheme is convoluted even for a committed fan; for a new reader, it’s nearly impenetrable.

It’s not just impenetrable but Al Ewing is a really good writer, as anyone who has read his 2000ad stuff will attest to, a proper talent who I was excited to read at Marvel. They set up the community based Avengers, nice idea, a few issues in Axis happens so Luke Cage is now found to be evil, then they cancel the book and then relaunch with a new status quo after the old one only really lasted 5 issues and then the world is ending for Secret Wars, then relaunch again with new characters and new setup.

Nothing that’s started goes anywhere before it gets erased, it’s comics with ADHD. At no point did I lose interest because most of the cast were minorities (as mentioned several times before so were the cast of the mega selling New Mutants 30 years ago). It’s because outside of fringe titles they don’t let anyone actually tell a story without marketing dragging it here and there.


So true RE Al Ewing.


I honestly think he’d be better off if they demote him from Avengers to something like Moon Knight or Hawkeye and US fans can actually see how good he is when he isn’t being dragged from pillar to post with either an event or relaunch every 3 issues.


Great article.