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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I bitch and whine, jab a finger at it yelling "SEEE? SEEE? NON RETURNABLE PRODUCT!!! **** YOU MARVEL!!! " Then I order`really REALLY low.


On the website they are still advertising the same rates as before.

Scroll down as at the top they just show the monthly plan but lower down has the annual offer.


Ok, thanks. That annual plan is still a killer deal, but I guess if you want to get a month to read a few things and then cancel that’s better than buying two trades on Comixology.

I wonder if they’ll make two billion?


The X-men are still a mess and The Avengers are either boring or wtf?. Their “architects” seem to be doing a poor job managing the marvel universe. My only ongoing comics are Champions because of Zub and Red. I will pick up FF#1 and Infinity wars #1 though.


Spider-man 800, the final installment of the Go Down Swinging! story line, is out today and it’s a day of seriously mixed emotions. Very proud of the book and I had a blast on every page but it also marks the end of an era; Stuart retired after finishing this issue. It’s possible he may return for a small thing here or there but he was more than ready to move on to other challenges and opportunities. So could the title of this story arc be more appropriate?


Yeah, I mentioned this in the Random Comics thread - hopefully just a misunderstanding or a short break rather than a permanent departure.


I will hate not seeing him on new projects but good for him if it gives him the ability to pick and choose what he wants to work on now.


von Grawbadger commented on his Facebook page saying it’s possible he’ll come back for Empress Vol 2, but it’s “certainly not a definite.”


may just mean he is retiring from monthly comics and will focus on projects and mini series like Empress.


“My exclusive agreement with Marvel wound down some time ago. Everyone involved is happily still on good terms,” Immonen told Newsarama. “As to the rest, I have no immediate plans; if the right project with the right collaborators came along, I would of course consider it. For the moment however, Kathryn and I are enthusiastically devoting our time and energy to non-work matters.”


Nice fellow, Stuart. Hope things go well with them.

And somehow hear the siren call of Netflix…


His art is spectacular and wonderfully varied - I hope he considers and does decide to do the other Empress stories.


Netflix own Empress, so he’s not obliged to work for them. However Empress is his creation as much as Millars, and Netflix will be asking them to work on the next chapter when development starts on the first movie. I expect him to sign up (as I expect most of the MW artists to). Millar as a Netflix employee will for sure be writing future chapters.

However these guys have spent most of their lives inside drawing, so it’s great they can retire early in comfort.


That’s about what I was trying to say, I think.

(I seem to have a flock of wax birds in my skull today.)



I’d put Gil Kane over a couple of names on that list.


He didn’t do a lot of issues, but yeah, pretty surprised Kane isn’t on that list.

Mine (as I think of them, rather than in order)

Romita Sr
Romita Jr
Bucema (Sal)

…mmm, can’t really get to 10 unless I force it. So I’ll stick to 7 :slight_smile:


Huh weird… that’s an actual decent list :smile:

Personally I’d put Romita Sr, McFarlane, Larsen, Bagley (or Larsen-lite as I call him) & Romita Jr waaaaay before Ditko. I’d also add Buscema instead of Ramos for exemple.

I know Ditko is the first, but his drawings were actually pretty bad… the costume was always un-even and badly done… I mean, can’t blame him those webbings are a bitch, but yeah… he’s definetly not even in a proper top 10 list for me =/


For me it’s probably:

Romita Sr
Romita Jr



Ditko was not well inked, I’d say that. The scans of his pencil work that are included in the back of some of the Masterwork and Epic Collections are gorgeous.

I don’t know if I could do a top 10 of artists for just Spider-Man, but Marcos Martin would be on there for this page alone: