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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Why are you trying to change the subject to Marvel comics in this thread about the existential crisis faced by the American comic book industry.


I like lots of comics without colours :slight_smile:


Rocket was a lot of fun I agree. Ewing’s Marvel stuff seems to suffer from being dragged around by events and relaunches so it’s nice there he just gets to write his own mini series unconnected to anything else.


Thanks. I’m a big fan of Ewing, but I left that one alone because Rocket has wore a bit thin for me. But I’ll remember to check it out in the sales or on MU.


That’s a quick and simple version that could work. The Steam one involves using only apps or programs and not a web interface so people can’t pull shenanigans with VPNs etc and buy a cheaper version by pretending to be in Laos.

I really think companies are pretty crap at looking at the potential of digital. Translation is ignored and it just came to mind now because Vikram was mentioning the Savage Dragon Archives in black and white. Why do they have to be in black and white on digital? You aren’t saving a penny. It’s really just being lazy in transposing the print model online. Like Marvel Essentials it’s only in black and white to save printing costs to keep the price low.

Similarly I’d stick the previews they have on sites like CBR and Newsarama at the back of every digital book. Again it costs nothing or next to nothing and all it takes is a few people to think ‘oh that looks good’ to sell them comics, maybe volumes of them.


Now it’s all over, with Avengers 1 starting off once more, what’s the MW view on the No Surrender event?


It’s good! Not an event though, it’s just a 16-issue Avengers storyline.


I absolutely loved it. The sooner Marvel can collect it, the better, because it’s probably the first thing I’d steer an Avengers: Infinity War fan to if they wanted to jump into comics.


I best not comment on what I thought of the money-shilling 16 part story that could have easily been told in 6 parts! Nice art though.


It definitely wasn’t the most densely plotted book.The appeal for me was the character moments for the sprawling cast (1st, 2nd, and 3rd stringers) that caught me up on the various teams and invested me in what was happening to them. For someone like me who hadn’t read an Avengers book regularly since the start of Hickman’s run, it worked perfectly in that respect.


Thanks, that was one of my main queries as I’m in the same position.


If anything, Avengers are doing good right now. However, I pray that for next Cpt America they won’t use Coates’ (Steve Roger as an agent of antifa - yuck) or Waid’s (severe anti-Trump material).


I mean, Captain America was literally created to fight fascism, so if you have a problem with him doing that…


Nazism. There’s a slight difference, but I’m just quibbling.

I don’t know where milstar is from but in the US antifa is extreme far left, violent and oddly enough fascist in their expression of their beliefs.


After turning him into Nazi. And these two are quite similar, nazists are extreme far right and antifa is just the opposite - far left and occasionally act like fascists.
Not to mention that Coates made disparaging statement about 9/11 victims.


Fair point.

Only if you have a very loose understanding of what fascism actually is, beyond a buzzword to lob at authority figures.


He’s referring to this definition: “a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control” rather than the government system definition.


That doesn’t describe antifa though.


It does the modern US version.


It really doesn’t though. Even if you disagree with their methods, or their opinion that Nazis and fascists shouldn’t have a platform for their views, they’re neither dictatorial nor autocratic.

And it’s worth noting that while the worst thing Antifa have done is smash windows and beat up fascists, the alt-right have been linked to more than 100 murders since the Charlottesville debacle