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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I dunno… I mean, I like his art… but tbh, those look more like Ellis’ the 4… =/


Anybody note how Ben is not quite as orange as he used to be?

Damned politics!


Between that Ribic cover and this one (supposedly for Star Wars #50)…jesus friggin christ, good day for variant covers.


Keep harassing Marvel : I love Cable, but I can’t help thinking the potentiel of his time-travelling has not being fully explored. (there were some nice stuff recently, with him going to the future with the messiah/Hope and the current run, but there is still so much potential !)

If Marvel doesn’t want it, you might want to create the Millarworld version of a time-Traveller saga… ^^ (Yes I know about the Chrononauts).

I’d draw it ! (Not joking a bit either !)


That deserves a bigger version.


I think I might at least give the first issue of this a shot. I’m not that familiar with Spencer but I like Ottley’s work.

Conversely, I’m not sure I’m feeling Tony Stark: Iron Man or Avengers though I’ll wait and see if other previews change my mind.



“Spidey cracks a bad joke in Amazing Spider-Man #1

…is it me, or is that falling slightly short of being a key selling point for the rest of you too? :confused:


it is better than what Spencer did with Cap in Spencer’s first issue writing Cap.


It reads more like a bad headline to me.


I read Chip Zdarsky’s Jughead run a couple of years ago, and I know his art from Sex Criminals, but I wouldn’t call him a creator I particularly cared about.

That is, until I read the first issues of both Marvel Two In One and Spectacular Spider-man over the weekend.

Both titles were remarkably well written. Continuity driven, yet full of fun characterisation and interaction between the characters.

It helped, of course, that the art on both was astounding, by Jim Cheung and Adam Kubert respectively. But, Zdarsky’s on his way to becoming a Marvel MVP if they let him.

I’ve definitely added both titles to my “to read” pile for the future.


Marvel signed him to an exclusive deal not too long ago.


His Howard the Duck book was a lot of fun, too.


I wondered why at the time. Now I know.



I don’t normally like to share my order figures (because of some probably unjustified paranoia about anything to do with business) but I was playing with Diamonds order history feature, and thought I’d compare some orders from January 2001 and January 2018. Remember, I’m only a small shop, but I think the scale remains fairly consistent regardless of store size. I’ve picked titles that pretty much come out every month:



Batman 18/18
Flash 9/9
Green Lantern 5/5
JLA 23/4
Wonder Woman 7/5
Action Comics 12/5

So… not much change over the best part of 2 decades, except for JLA (I think the 2001 number must have been the tail end of the Morrison run)


Avengers 25/8
Hulk 11/5
Cap America 16/8
Iron Man 16/8
Thor 15/12
Amazing Spidey 15/15
U.X-Men 42/7*

*no U X-Men to compare, so I took my highest selling x-book - x-Men gold

Pretty shocking stuff on the Marvels I thought, with only Spidey holding it together. Thank the Force for the Star Wars books!


Wow. So are your overall sales down that drastically from 2001 or has Image and other independents picked up the slack?


To be fair not only was Marvel a lot better in 2001 but DC was a lot worse. And despite being better now, they haven’t gained so much as staved off attrition.

Always enjoy these updates, Rob.


Another, out of interest, question. How does 2000 ad do?


I suspect from talking to a retailer friend that 2000ad sells most from newsagents as it is easily found.

From what I have heard it has been very solidly at 20k in the UK for a few years but recently with a boost from digital as it has always struggled with distribution to places like the US where Diamond will only bundle it in monthly packages with a hefty markup on cover price.