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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I would also like to join this support group for people who have just bought Secret Empire.


Almost certainly not. There are no modern comics I care that much about.

The exception would probably be the Legion of Super-Heroes, but that’s only because I’m a member of fan group and collecting it (or bitching about there not being a title to collect) is more of a social activity now.


Yup there’s absolutely no reason to complain about cheap comics unless you are earning income off them. As a consumer I’m all for every trade being 99c. :smile:


Well, I get how it could potentially hurt LCSs, but on the other hand (and this is something I’ve been saying for about a decade now) they should have already adapted to the new markets.


I think it will result in people buying a bunch of crap they didn’t really want, and won’t hurt comics stores other than devaluing the product long term.

I think Marvel Unlimited has been much more damaging to comics stores.



Wait, Kitty’s getting married?


In the wedding of the year, apparently.


I think Piotr’s suit is more impressive. Tailoring a suit for his size is quite a feat.

p.s. I agree with Jacowboy(somewhat). You guys have really slammed the hell out of that expired equine.



Tell that to them:


Tell that to them:


A big factor, there.

In general though, what I think has happened is that rather than simply moving to DC or other comics, people are more inclined to simply stop reading comics on a regular basis. If you want Marvel superheroes, you can see them all over the place in movies and television.


That’s fair. I’ve hardly read any Marvel comics over the last 10 years. Just a handful, really. And I don’t much miss them because I’ve got a Marvel movie or TV show constantly being released. That said, I still am reading Image and Dark Horse and other small press stuff.


“In general” I think is a habit to imagine our biases are how the market works.

In early 2011 the best selling comic on the Diamond charts was Green Lantern at around 75k. They are doing much better now.

Some fans are more interested in superhero stuff and find a cycle after a while that bores them but is that the truth of the matter? Number suggest otherwise. That was just before day and date digital which the common understanding boosts sales on average by around 30%. Those sales have a better margin of profit than physical ones.

You can’t deny Marvel are in a bad place but there’s also little to support that narrative of mass leavers who’d rather watch on TV.


The industries dropped by 10% in a year tho.


I read Al Ewing and Adam Gorham’s Rocket mini-series from the Marvel sale, and it’s a lot of fun.

As a fan of Excalibur, I was very happy to see Technet back, as well as Hard-Boiled Henry.

Plus, it introduces Murd Blurdock, sure to be a breakout character:


Don’t bother clicking the link, the info’s all in the headline. Good move for Marvel.


Zdarsky is really, really good. I started his run on Spectacular for the Kubert art, but found myself really impressed with Zdarsky’s talent and wit. He’s going to be a star.


In my limited experience with him, I agree that Chip is a valuable commodity for Marvel. Smart move.