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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!



It has to be a trade off, it’s likely quicker and needs less in the way of physical equipment but yeah original art does go for a lot of money. Quite often you see the page rate is $200 but the real page $2000 which explains why many artists survive not putting out that much material (and there’s the commission business which some guys like John Byrne seem to use as the main income source nowadays).

It’s amazing that Walt Simonson has never (with a couple of small exceptions) ever sold his original artwork, probably quite cleverly as he’s sitting on a lot of dough for retirement or his kids.


Yes, I think page design is an important part of reading comics so I don’t really do Guided View. It ends up making all the panels roughly the same size and really hurts the rhythm sometimes.

A few years ago when I got mine I was also looking at a 12" Samsung but it was about £150 more than the one I got, and I couldn’t really justify it just for a slightly larger display.

I do often find myself zooming in on really detailed art to appreciate the detail though - there’s sometimes stuff you can see in digital that would only be visible on a gigantic hardcopy version.


I use an iPad mini which is only 7.9". It’s usually pretty great unless there are a lot of double page spreads or they’ve done something weird with the font that makes it hard to read.

That is one thing I’ve noticed with digital. DC and Marvel seem to at least allow for it. A fair number of Image books try odd things with the text and font that can sometimes make it a bit difficult to read. It’s one of the things (along with a lot of DPS’s) that really made Descender a chore to read.

Edit: I meant to add that I mostly bought the mini for the weight to replace my first generation iPad. Now that the larger ones are lighter, I would probably go with the standard size model.


Sean Gordon Murphy just sold all of his remaining non-Batman art to a single collector:

I have no idea what that would go for.


Wow. It might be a good investment given his increasing popularity.


Wow. I would have loved to pick up a PRJ piece at some point. I guess I don’t have to worry about that anymore. :wink:


I have a 12.9 incher (mind out of the gutter please). It makes reading comics just like reading print. It’s a nice experience, and I love having 2,000 comics that I can access instantly. But as I said, I’ve less time and interest to actually read them.

I would imagine that collector will be selling this off piece by piece. No-one that’s big a fan to buy every piece of art by a single artist. At this point just buy the house next door and stalk him.



I haven’t really adapted to reading books or comics on a screen. I just find I absorb, retain, and enjoy written fiction more away from the screen.

Screens are for reading dumb shit like Twitter and Millarworld. Paper is for stuff I want to sink into.


I print out Millarworld threads, and then compose my replies of parchment with a quill, before having them transcribed by a personal secretary


You should see the giant flipbook of individual frames I had printed off the last time I wanted to watch The Matrix.


I can’t believe I just read a 100+ posts of people bitching about a sale… u_u


I would think you would feel right at home. :wink:


well that should tell you something… I mean, when even I am surprised by the complaining… :smile:


To be fair no-one’s complaining. We’re just questioning what the hell Marvel are thinking.


69p. For 12+ comics. Including art by Andrea Sorrentino and Steve McNiven. That’s a bargain. Even if the story’s shite.

The digital comics I buy are predominantly “on sale” and usually something I would have no interest in at more than half price.

If I really want it, I buy it in hard copy.


You technophiles make me sick.


I don’t know about you guys but I’ve just picked up fifty books in that Comixology sale, and yes, one of them was Secret Empire.


I just went back and picked up Secret Empire. I figure I should give it a read if nothing else for the art.