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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Speaking of artists… I noticed the other day that Jacen Burrows is doing Moon Knight… I didn’t recognise him, but his art kept looking familiar… anyways, I finally noticed that he’s doing some very Dillon-esque work in MK, which is why it seemed sooo familiar. So I guess if anyone’s a Dillon fan… well there you go =P


I read the first issue and it really wasn’t for me.

I really dislike the art and I don’t find Ryan North funny.

However it does seem to have done well.



Now that Samnee is leaving, he’s the only one left that I give a damn about.

And Adams. If he ever did interiors again I’d be all over it.


Recent mentions indicate that probably won’t happen with Mr. Adams.

Then again, I larfed at the idea of the Big Evil Carrot getting elected.

Interesting project + money + time = who knows?


Ok, there’s one!


Bless you Stephen Wacker




So damned sad and infuriating. I hope someone straightens this out.

(It also sounds like a couple folks could use an honest financial planner.)


The complete run of The Vision, plus extras, is 99c on Comixology:




actually just the first 6 of 12 issues

but still.


It’s the Director’s Cut; each issue contains two of the regular series.


yup sorry sir you are correct. my bad


Where is Stephen Wacker now? I thought he was a brilliant editor circa DC’s 52. He seemed to fall off the board a bit when he jumped from there to Marvel.


I don’t understand the purpose of this kind of sale. It sinks the perceived value of comics, no-one’s making any money from it, and they’ve priced is vastly lower than they need to. It just makes no business sense at all.


He was in charge of animation for a while, and is now involved in developing TV shows for Marvel.


It’s particularly odd when it’s the digital version of a special fancy collection that has only just come out in hardcover a couple of months ago.

Most potential buyers who haven’t bought it yet are quite likely to be tempted away by the option to pay 99c for a digital copy rather than the $40 rrp for the hardback.

(Although there’s still a minority of people like me who will in some cases pay extra for physical books, even at that differential.)


his title on twitter
Creative Development VP at Marvel
But yeah I think that’s the TV/Animation dept


Many more 99c collections:

Marvel are basically just giving their stuff away.


Yeah the only logic I can see for going that low in price is they are desperately trying to drum up interest in their next relaunch (Fresh Start or whatever it is). If people pick up this stuff and are engaged enough they may be tempted to pick up the stories as they continue.

Some weird prices appear in the Kindle store now and again but it’s very very rare for Comixology sales to go as low as a dollar for a trade, usually half price at best. It may be akin to when they gave out 700 various comics for free a couple of years back.